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Ferguson: When Is Everyone Going To Wake Up To The Government and Police Protest Tactic Of AGENT PROVOCATEUR and LOOTING?

Our Top Story: Government and Police Agent Provocateurs are at it again...WHOOPS! I mean...LOOTING AND MOLOTOV COCKTAILS BY PROTESTERS IN FERGUSON

The first thing you will hear in the "news" about every major protest is: "LOOTING" (and to some extent "MOLOTOV COCKTAILS"). 

Here's why:

First, you need to realize that for every major protest since the 1960's, the government has employed the AGENT PROVOCATEUR/LOOTING strategy. That is a strategy where the government sends in people who work for them to mingle with the protesters and "LOOT" so the media can then discredit the protest by focusing on stories of LOOTING instead of what the protest is about.


When are we all going to wake up and realize the government does this AGENT PROVOCATEUR/LOOTING routine for every major protest?

I'm sure there were "agent provocateurs" connected with the government inciting and actually doing a lot of the "looting". This has been going on since the 1960's. It's sad more people are not aware of this. Then the "news" is part of this agent provocateuring by publicizing the "looting" of the agent provocateurs and saying they were the protesters. Governments ADMIT doing this, it's been going on for a LOOOOONG time.

There will never be a HUGE "peaceful protest" because the government will MAKE SURE they send in agent provocateurs to "loot" and the media will publicize this as the protesters doing the looting, thereby discrediting the protest and making the focus the LOOTING instead of what the protest is about.

And the thing is, it's guaranteed to work every time.

And often times they wear masks and no one knows them.

And they're often times off to the side "doing their thing" away from the main action.

And the police are aware of the agent provocateurs. In fact, the police WAIT for the agent provocateurs to "do their thing" so they have a REASON to brutalize the protesters.

The M.O. of agent provocateurs is: LOOTING. Part I is the agent provocateurs looting, Part II is the media saying there's looting 24x7 to discredit the protest.

What is the first thing you hear on the "news" for every huge important protest: not what the protest is about, you hear LOOOOOOOOOOOOTING all over the "news". That's all you hear. It's a PLAN. It happens EVERY HUGE IMPORTANT PROTEST.

Your and my entire life, haven't we heard "LOOTING" and "MOLOTOV COCKTAILS" for every single major protest? What are the odds that every single major protest has massive LOOTING in it and none of them are every peaceful?

One of the counter-strategies to combat this that I can think of is for the REAL protesters to surround the agent provocateur, subdue them, and start chanting, "AGENT PROVOCATEUR, AGENT PROVOCATEUR, AGENT PROVOCATEUR", and hold down the agent provocateur and start questioning them, find out who they are, take pictures and video of them.

Here is a government/police agent provocateur being caught in Ferguson:

Here is an interesting video with almost half-a-million hits. A note in the description of the video says, "DISCLAIMER: Lots of hate directed towards me for this video. I provide critical analysis of observing the actions of police. I hope to incite conversation, examination of the evidence, and critical discussion, and that is all."

My comments on this video are not about if the cops threw a flash grenade in an old abandoned El Camino car parked on the side of the Advanced Auto Parts store, my questions are: 1) with all the problems going on there, why were a dozen cops all around an old abandoned car? 2) the Advanced Auto Parts store was obviously not on fire when the cops were there in the video. How did the store, surrounded by a huge police presence, catch on fire and burn to the ground? 3) Why did most of the fires occur in a small area where the militarized police presence was the greatest? Shouldn't that area have the LEAST fires?

For the August Ferguson protest, I wrote this:

BIG DAN'S BIG BLOG August 17, 2014: You Can Be Assured That Agent Provocateurs Are "LOOTING" And Throwing "MOLOTOV COCKTAILS" In Ferguson

Here is the best example of protesters catching and outing agent provocateurs:

AGENT PROVOCATEURS from August Ferguson protest:

Another AGENT PROVOCATEUR from the previous Ferguson protest:

Police Tactics Exposed - Provocateur Inciting Agents At Protests - Ferguson - Oakland - Canada

Tariq Nasheed Ferguson/ST. Louis Lecture and Suspected Agent Provocateur Tries To Disrupt The Show

California Highway Patrol Officers Retreat to Vehicles as Ferguson Protesters Ascend

Live Stream VIDEO: Protesters Shut Down Three New York City Bridges In Reaction To #Ferguson

Flares and protest moving outside U.S. Embassy in #London #Ferguson

London to Ferguson: Crowd protesting police racism tears down Parliament Square barriers

Cleveland Highway Shut Down By Mike Brown Protesters, Police Afraid to Make Arrests

Video: Cops Didn’t Seem to Hesitate for One Second Before Gunning Down 12-Yr-Old Boy - See more at:

QUESTION: Why is FOX/Limbaugh/Hannity/rightwing media/militias AGAINST the police in the Cliven Bundy case, but FOR the police in the Michael Brown case?

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