Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paul CIAmossadFBIcia Shoots Up LAX Airport

Now, really: does this look like a shot TSA agent, or a DUMMY in a wheelchair to you:

Here's the whole video, look at the 0:28 second mark, it's a MANNEQUIN and the "news" guy says: "THEY HAVE A TSA EMPLOYEE SHOT IN THE CHEST":

 It's FAKE. It's a HOAX. And every story connected to it is. All you have to do is watch that video above. Here's the "OFFICIAL STORY":  A guy named Paul CIAnCIA dressed in CAMO or dressed as a TSA agent went into LAX airport with a HUGE gun and did a bunch of shooting. The NSA spies on everyone in the whole world, including other world leaders and the Pope, but doesn't spy on "LONE NUT GUNMEN" like this supposed LAX shooter, Adam Lanza the "LONE NUT GUNMAN" of Sandy Hook, the "LONE NUT GUNMAN" Batman shooter, the Boston Marathon "LONE NUT GUNMEN", etc...etc... The LAX shooter must've thought to himself: "GEE, I'M GOING TO SHOOT UP LAX AIRPORT, I BETTER GET MY NEW WORLD ORDER NOTE AND ANTI-GOVERNMENT MATERIAL AND STUFF IT IN MY CLOTHES SO THEY FIND IT". I guess you can't walk into an airport with a pocket knife or nail clippers, SO YOU BETTER DRESS UP IN CAMO AND CARRY A HUGE GUN BLAZING...THEN YOU CAN GET PAST EVERYONE! This looks like another non-believable FALSE FLAG:


I suppose we will see the Zionist JEW CREW on TV calling for TSA workers to be armed and more gun control: Michael Chertoff (whose company The Chertoff Group happens to make TSA scanners), Dianne "Conflict Of Interest" Feinstein, Joe Lieberman the Senator from/for Israel, Michael "police state" Bloomberg, Alan Dershowitz, and Chuck Schumer. Also, I'm sure stories will come out about how the "shooter" had prior FBI contact, and we will see daily stories about how "people who know him" never expected it, and stories about his background which will be evidence-free. ALL of this will be evidence-free and to believe it you would have to have 100% religious faith in KNOW LIARS: the mainstream media & politicians. They will find "anti-government material" associated with him, maybe even a "MANIFESTO". Just like Adam Lanza, the Batman shooter, the Naval yard shooter, the "Boston Marathon Bombers", etc...etc... "THE FORMULA", the PATSY FORMULA.  



"OFFICIALS" and their "OFFICIAL STORY"s are crumbling left and right because of the internet

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