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President Bush: I Lied To You In 2007...the Mortgage/Foreclosure/Financial Crisis That Started In 2007 While I Was President Wasn't the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" Fault...It Was The "RECKLESS BANKSTERS" Fault

So the mortgage/foreclosure/financial crisis WASN'T caused by the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" in 2007 after all. Have you been following all these stories of BANKSTERS getting multi-million/billion dollar fines for rigging the housing market back in 2007?

But do you remember President Bush & the media in 2007 blaming the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" for it? Bush & the media said the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" took advantage of the POOR BANKSTERS!!! Remember? If you DON'T remember, let me refresh your memory with 3 posts I made in 2007 about Bush & the media's "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" speech & media blitz:

BDBB FLASHBACK: Friday, December 7, 2007 - Bush Lays Into "Reckless Homeowners" Who Took Advantage of Lenders & Investors

BDBB FLASHBACK: Monday, December 31, 2007 - Bush Addresses "Reckless Homeowners"...again...

BDBB FLASHBACK: Monday, December 31, 2007 - Wait A Minute! I Thought Bush Said Americans Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure Were "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS"!!!!!!!

The mainstream media brainwashes us with BUZZWORDS & PHRASES all the time. They go from buzzword to buzzword, but the buzzwords are never about the BANKSTERS & WAR PROFITEERS. The mainstream media leads us around from "DEATH PANELS" to "GROUND ZERO MOSQUE" to "CHICK FIL A" to "FISCAL CLIFF" to "SEQUESTER" to "DEBT CEILING" etc... Now the buzzword is "OBAMACARE" You can't escape it! In all media - TV, radio, newspapers - try and escape the word "OBAMACARE".

Also, we're supposed to FORGET the media buzzwords as they lead us to each new buzzword.

I'm here to REMIND you of the buzzword "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS".

When you google "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS", you somehow get OBAMA saying "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS". The only hits you get on BUSH saying "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" are by ME from 2007:


Up to only a few days ago, MY 3 posts came up 1-2-3 in google when googling "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS". Something happened in the last few days, and now a bunch of OBAMA hits come up when you google "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS". I know this, because I started writing this post a few days ago and tested it, then I put off this post for a few days until today.

But the posts that come up for Obama is that HE also is blaming the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" for the housing/foreclosure/financial crisis started in 2007 under Bush. But does that really surprise you anyway? No mention of the BANKSTERS, DERIVATIVES, rating bad mortages as AAA and reselling them knowing they were bad,'s the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" fault...not the "RECKLESS BANKSTERS". Blame the VICTIM...not the PERPETRATORS, because they are the 1% domestic and foreign WEALTHY running everything.

Well, if the mortgage/foreclosure/financial crisis starting in 2007 under Bush was the "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS" fault then why are all these stories quietly coming out saying all these "RECKLESS BANKSTERS" are getting multi-million/billion dollar fines for causing it? I will list the articles below. And keep in mind, NO "RECKLESS BANKSTERS" ever go to jail for this and they get a slap on the wrist financially.

What do I mean a "slap on the wrist financially"? I mean: what if you were guaranteed $1 MILLION dollars for doing something illegal, but if you did it, you were guaranteed a $1 DOLLAR fine and no jail time, for a profit of $999,999.00? Would you do it? DAMN RIGHT YOU'D DO IT!!!

While the media is busy distracting America with the buzzword "OBAMACARE", all of these stories of the "RECKLESS BANKSTERS" admitting THEY caused the mortgage/foreclosure/financial crisis are coming out under the radar:

JP Morgan agrees to $5.1bn fine with mortgage regulator. Deal settles lawsuit brought by Federal Housing Finance Agency – but has still to agree on bond sales fine

JPMorgan Chase Fined Historic $13 Billion for Mortgage Fraud

Bank of America's Countrywide found guilty of mortgage fraud: BoA liable for up to $848m in damages after Countrywide found guilty of selling bad loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


Rupert Murdoch's rightwing media empire LIVID JPMorganChase getting $13 billion dollar fine FOR LYING ABOUT AND CAUSING MORTGAGE/FORECLOSURE/FINANCIAL CRISIS beginning in 2007 under Bush

JPMorgan may face federal sanctions over Madoff ties: NY Times

Put big bank CEOs in jail – Senator Elizabeth Warren

Did you know homeowners were reckless with no mention of the derivatives, those mortgage backed securities now being bought up by the Federal Reserve, that fueled the housing bubble?

The Scholars Who Shill for Wall Street: Academics get paid by financial firms to testify against Dodd-Frank regulations. What’s wrong with this picture?

Youth homelessness at all-time high, says report

Big Dan's Big News May 26, 2010...the RECKLESS LANDOWNERS: President Bush addresses the Marcellus Shale "RECKLESS LANDOWNERS"............

"Tea Party Ted" Cruz: I'm Married To A HOT GOLDMAN SACHS BANKSTER!!! (BANKSTERETTE???) And She Gives Me My HEALTHCARE From GOLDMAN SACHS!!! I'm just another Tea Party Sarah Palin:

IN MY LAST POST, I told you about what a fraud Ted Cruz is and how Ron Paul & Karl Denninger's original Tea Party was hijacked by big-money GOP & their Tea Party co-opter Sarah Palin.

Well, guess where "Tea Party Ted", the anti-Obamacare poster boy, gets HIS health insurance from? NEW WORLD ORDER BANKSTERS GOLDMAN SACHS! And do you know WHY he gets his health insurance from Goldman Sachs? Because his wife Heidi Cruz WORKS FOR THE NWO BANKSTERS GOLDMAN SACHS!!!

Don't you think the media ought to have told us this? This has to be one of the best kept secrets by the mainstream media as they're shoving Tea Party Ted down our throats:

Ted Cruz Gets His Health Insurance Through Goldman Sachs, His Wife Confirms

Mrs. Cruz, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, keeps a low profile.

Ted Cruz Is Just the Figurehead of The Koch/DeMint Destroy Government Conspiracy

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