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Navy gunMAN 13-for-13; Chicago gunMEN 0-13

Anything odd going on here? In the space of a few days, we had a "gunMAN" shoot and kill 13 people, and then a few days later in Chicago, home of Raum Emanual & Barack Obama, we had "gunMEN" shoot exactly the same amount of people? The odd thing isn't only the exact same number of 13, it's that the naval shooting was HARDER to kill people at's a NAVAL base! But yet the naval gunMAN was 13-for-13 killing people. What a great shot! the Chicago shooting with MULTIPLE gunMEN who, naturally, weren't caught, THEY WERE 0-13 killing people with their shots! So there you have it: ONE gunMAN in a highly secure area with military people all around somehow is 13-for-13 killing people, and SEVERAL gunMEN were 0-13 in an UNSECURE place with totally helpless people! Very odd! Isn't it? The Chicago "gunMEN" are worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars, going 0-13!

So it's either 100% accuracy at a tougher place, or 0% accuracy at an easier place?

Let me put the two stories together in one spot:


Shooting rampage at Navy Yard in D.C. leaves 13 dead


Shooting of 13 at park puts Chicago back in the spotlight

Hmmmmm.........that's really hard to believe, when you put the stories side-by-side, isn't it?

And remember a few years ago, a blogger pointed out all the articles in the mainstream media where "suicide bombers" killed EXACTLY 30 people all the time? Remember that?

The Naval shooting is reminiscent of the same PATSY FORMULA government operatives have been using since the JFK assassination: witnesses report multiple shootings and all are cleared until we're left with a "LONE NUT GUNMAN" PATSY.

Just like Sandy Hook with uncannily accurate "LONE NUT GUNMAN" PATSY Adam Lanza:

Questions About The Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting, Gun Control, Operation Gladio, MK-ULTRA, & The Shock Doctrine

Here are the subjects that it's the job of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PSB, NYTIMES, WASH POST, etc...), LEFT MAINSTREAM MEDIA (MSNBC, etc....), RIGHT MAINSTREAM MEDIA (FOX, Rush Limbaugh, etc...) that it's their job NOT to talk about:



Here are the subjects they are ASSIGNED to talk about to divide us and NOT talk about the above subjects:



They talk about ANYTHING EXCEPT THE LEVEL 1 SUBJECTS. To divide everyone and distract from the level 1 subjects.

Republican counter-proposal to getting "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" health care: NOTHING! Just defund Obamacare:

The rich-fuck Republicans who have free taxpayer cadillac health care and are all millionaires who defend the 1% (so do the Democrats btw), in a distraction from BANKSTERS & WAR PROFITEERS & ISRAEL RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT & FALSE FLAGS, pretend to stick up for "the American people" by proposing defunding "obamacare".

Their counter-proposal to get "the american people" health care, the 50 million or so without it, is in this bill.

Their proposal is: NOTHING. The same proposal it's always been:

House Passes GOP Spending Plan That Defunds Obamacare

(NOTE: I keep sarcastically saying "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" in this post because I'm sick of politicians who keep saying they're doing whatever they're doing because "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" want it, or they're doing it FOR "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE", etc...etc... The next time I hear a politician say "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" I'm going to go ballistic! Politicians HATE "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". They constantly FUCK "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". They don't REPRESENT "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". I'm going to go ballistic if they don't stop saying "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" whenever they're really FUCKING "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". QUIT SAYING "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE", WE'RE NOT FALLING FOR IT!!!!!!! Politicians say "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" as if they're NOT American, think about it. They say "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" as if it's a different entity than them, or they'd say "US" in stead of "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE", right? If a reporter was doing his job, he'd say, when a politician says "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE", are YOU American??? If you are, why do you keep saying "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" as if you're not American!!!!!!!)

Remember I told you that 1/5 of THE HOUSE, who just voted to defund Obamacare btw, secretly went to ISRAEL on their bi-annual brainwashing by ISRAEL:

Bilderberg Jr: U.S. House Taking Their Bi-Annual Odd-Year Secret All-Expenses-Paid Including Family Members Trip To Israel With No Mainstream Media Coverage

Well, ISRAELI DOUBLE-AGENT Eric IVAN Cantor, leading the way against Obamacare, mentions that trip I told you about in this video:

So, AGENT CANTOR: where does your loyalty lie? With "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" or the homeland of ISRAEL???

Personally, I am for SINGLE-PAYER coverage for "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" and the DEATH SENTENCE to all insurance companies.

The Greatest Financial Conspiracy In American History.... Dave Hodges ....Activist Post:

MUST READ ......


I have concluded that the powers-that-be are hoarding hard assets as a means to maintain power following the economic reorganization which would follow a collapse. Further, this theory is further bolstered by the fact that Federal Reserve continues to buy $40 billion of mortgage backed securities every month and MERS is continuing their theft of home mortgages at record rates. This scenario looks like the globalists are following a massive wealth transfer scenario and the pace of this wealth transfer is accelerating. What is the rush? Could it be that what I wrote about two weeks ago is indeed coming into play?

The GRID EX II drill in which the power grid is being “taken down in a simulation,” is something that cannot be easily dismissed as the next false flag event. However, this is eerily similar to what happened in 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings as well as the Boston Marathon bombing in which a drill culminated in a false flag attack. If the grid is taken down, and as I have stated before, a false flag within a false flag can be executed and the banks can be collapsed and the country will barely notice. Who would notice the missing digits in their bank accounts when the grid is down and the people are starving by the third day following the blackout? Meanwhile, government, as well as their banking and corporate partners, would hold most of the hard assets in the country following an economic collapse and would stand to be in a position of extreme power when the smoke eventually clears.

In this scenario, the largest remaining asset that the banks would not totally control would be the privately owned homes and businesses. But after a collapse how would people pay their mortgage? The short answer is that they could not. And who would the deeds revert to? They would revert to the banks.

Although I think this scenario is likely, this is only a theory regarding the tie-in with GRID EX II, hidden wealth and collusion to collapse the economy in order to transfer wealth and to consolidate holdings. However, what is not a theory is the fact that our hidden assets outnumbers the sum total of our debt as a nation, and the debt and the deficit could be paid off overnight should the people wake up and force the government to release the true wealth of the country:

The World’s Most Evil Corporation Issues A Dire Warning


An energy beam that can be fired to disable vehicles and electronic devices
has been developed by Nato scientists. Electromagnetic pulses create an intense
magnetic field that damages electronic circuitry......

Golden Eye-style energy beam is developed by Nato scientists: An energy beam that can be fired to disable vehicles and electronic devices has been developed by Nato scientists.

Why Are Only Jews Allowed To Run The FED? And Why Is Our Government Illegally Spying On All Of Us And Sharing The Data With A Foreign Country (ISRAEL)?

Treasonous Politicians & Media Characters Keep Telling The LIE That Assad Used Chemical Weapons: WE JUST WANT TO DO SYRIA...AND THEN IRAN...THEN WE PROMISE WE'LL STOP ~ USrael

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