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Pennylvania Governor Tom Corbett Signs Bill HR 367 Allowing Fracking On Pa. College Campuses, Doesn't Mention It During Widely Covered Press Conference, And It Looks Like There's A Media Blackout On The Story

Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett Signs HR367 Allowing Fracking On Pennsylvania College Campuses:

Pennsylvania's Republican House, Republican Senate, and Republican Governor Tom Corbett just passed HR367 which allows FRACKING ON PA. COLLEGE CAMPUSES and it looks like there's a MEDIA BLACKOUT on it, I have to hear of this from RUSSIAN TELEVISION and a liberal magazine:

RUSSIAN TELEVISION: Governor Corbett signs bill to allow fracking on Pennsylvania college campuses.

MOTHER JONES MAGAZINE: Pennsylvania Fracking Law Opens Up Drilling on College Campuses: The state's latest grab for Marcellus Shale money could turn some colleges into industrial zones.

Was there any Pennsylvania media coverage on this? Was this important news widely disseminated and syndicated in Pennsylvania newspapers? Was there ANY mention of it? Or just once somewhere in ONE paper? Or any mention at all?

GOOGLE: "pennsylvania fracking college campuses"

In the above link, do you see ANY major "news" in Pennsylvania covering that story? On the local level, do you see WNEP TV? WILK? WBRE? FOX? TIMES LEADER? CITIZENS VOICE? SCRANTON TIMES TRIBUNE? Do you see ABC? NBC? CBS? CNN? FOX? Did WILK's only "liberal" Steve Corbett cover it on his BLOG or have it as a subject on his radio show? Naturally, no one else on WILK would ever do that, as WILK is a GOP operation like FOX "news".


RAGING CHICKEN: The Industrialization of PASSHE: Where the Public Good, its Students, and its Faculty are Auctioned Off to the Extraction Profiteers (Or: Extortion by Extraction)

The SACRAMENTO BEE covered it:

Senate Bill 367 (P.N. 2349) – This bill establishes the Indigenous Mineral Resource Development Act, allowing the Department of General Services to make and execute contracts or leases for the mining or removal of coal, oil, natural gas, coal bed methane and limestone found in or beneath land owned by the state or state system of higher education.

Has Gov Tom Corbett been in the media talking about FRACKING lately? YES! But not about the bill he just signed allowing FRACKING on college campuses. So the media IS covering Gov Tom Corbett, but simply a MEGAPHONE for what he says. This was all over the "news" at the same exact time as HR367 was being signed and no one asked him about HR367, this is the TIMES LEADER covering this and it was all over THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS, which is the biggest propaganda going bar none.

To TOTALLY DISTRACT from the passage of HR 267, Gov Corbett happens to have a big announcement on the Marcellus Shale Impact Fee (while he was announcing this, could he have said, "OH, BTW, WE JUST PASSED HR 367 ALLOWING FRACKING ON YOUR CHILDRENS' COLLEGE CAMPUSES? Or could a REPORTER STENOGRAPHER asked him about HR 367 while they were covering him?):

There is all the proof in the world that the so-called "liberal media", the "mainstream media, is controlled by ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS (NOT Libertarians, NOT Liberals, NOT Democrats...ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS), the WEALTHY ELITE & POWERFUL (who are mostly ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS), GOVERNMENT (as long as they're doing what the wealthy elites & military industrial complex & banksters want them to do), CORPORATIONS, & WALL ST BANKSTERS, & the military industrial complex. Talk radio is 99% RIGHTWING with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc... They complain that the "mainstream media" is "liberal", but THEY ARE the "mainstream media".

How did they vote in the Pennsylvania House and Senate on HR 367: ALLOW FRACKING ON PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE CAMPUSES?

Pa. Senate votes 46-3, including Lisa Baker-R & John Yudichak-D.

House Vote on SB 367 (Jun 26, 2012) An Act providing for indigenous mineral resource development; and imposing powers and duties on the Department of General Services and the State System of Higher Education. FINAL PASSAGE 131-68, including Karen Boback-R, Tara Toohil-R, Mike "VOTER ID" Turzai-R (Phyllis Mundy-D, Eddie Day Pashinski-D, and Sid Michaels Kavulich-D voted NO FRACKING ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES!)


UPDATE: This post is full of IRONIES, now this video has come out about Tarah Toohil, whom I ironically posted above voted FOR fracking on Pa. college campuses. I thought I heard Tarah Toohil will be on the GOP operation WILK rightwing radio later (not sure if that's true or not), if she IS, expect fake liberal STEVE CORBETT to ask her NO TOUGH QUESTIONS and actually appear to be on her side defending her...that's just my prediction. He WON'T ask her about voting for fracking on Pa. college campuses, he WON'T ask her about being an original sponsor of the forced government invasive vaginal ultrasound. I predict he will appear to be on her side saying things such as that video above was from a long time ago, people change, etc...etc...that's just my prediction. Which will further prove my theory that he is a FAKE LIBERAL. We all know by now how "liberal" Steve Corbett flips on his REPUBLICAN SWITCH around election time. After all, how else could he have a job on WILK FOX "news" Jr. Long story short, "liberal" Steve Corbett will conduct an apologetic softball interview with a local Republican, when he has about the 100th chance to prove he's a liberal and absolutely fry a local Republican on several different fronts...but he will give her a pass.

If Tarah Toohil IS NOT on Corbett's show, but the subject comes up, just apply what I said above to that particular scenario.

And btw, I called the Sue "RUSH-ette" Henry show today to talk about this and Jill Stein (see story below) and was told the subject was specifically about the Romney/Obama debate, you know, the one where Jill Stein was arrested. I know several people who will no longer call WILK or listen to it and that is exactly why, it's a totally biased establishment Republican radio channel. A while back, I was calling and was not let on, they accused me of being Anthony Antonello for some reason. If you aren't an establishment Republican, you are treated rudely, ignorantly, and sometimes even banned. Ask Duke from Dallas (Democrat) and Anthony Antonello (Libertarian) and me (liberal). The simplest way to put it, is "WILK ARE A BUNCH OF REPUBLICANS". If I were management there, I'd realize the shows have morphed into being about the HOSTS and not the CALLERS and I'd get new blood in there, and go to a format more like C-SPAN where they let the callers talk and stop being rude and ignorant to them, cut them off, mute them, ban them, etc...the hosts definitely have gotten too big for their britches:

Also, I posted about Tarah Toohill here in this post: Tarah Toohil was originally a sponsor on a Pa. bill for forced government invasive vaginal ultrasound:

Pennsylvania Women: Got REPUBLICANS In Your Vagina??? GOP "WAR ON WOMEN" Comes To Pennslyvania

Pennsylvania Republican Donald C. White sponsored the bill and happened to receive almost $100,000.00 from the FRACKING INDUSTRY.

(He cares about HIS POCKETBOOK more than YOUR CHILDREN.)

Why do you hear NOTHING about this? Maybe THIS is why:

The Republican Noise Machine: David Brock, the reformed conservative noise-maker, on how the Right has sabotaged journalism, democracy, and truth.


ANOTHER case in point about how the so-called "mainstream liberal media" is REALLY run predominantly by Establishment Republicans, is the story about the 4 U.S. ambassadors who got killed in Benghazi Libya. That happened OVER A MONTH AGO, and rightwing media is keeping the story alive so as to somehow blame Obama. It's a political media ploy orchestrated to get Romney as president. The "media" is making an over a month long stink about the story ECHOED by the rightwing media. Now that's 4 U.S. ambassadors killed in Libya: contrast it with how the "media" treated 3,000 DEATHS ON AMERICAN SOIL during the Bush administration! The "media" made Bush out to be a HERO! No accountability. No one got in any trouble. No "media" questioning the Bush administration not keeping 3,000 Americans ON AMERICAN SOIL safe...but 4 ambassadors killed in Libya? That needs to be pounded ongoing for OVER A MONTH! We need a new president because of this: PRESIDENT ROMNEY! Ironically, MANY OF THE SAME PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T KEEP US SAFE ON 911 ARE IN THE ROMNEY ADMINISTRATION and there is NO MENTION of this in the "media": DOV ZAKHEIM, MICHAEL CHERTOFF, JOHN BOLTON, & ELLIOT ABRAMS - ALL who were in the Bush administration who didn't keep 3,000 Americans ON AMERICAN SOIL safe - ARE ALL IN THE ROMNEY ADMINISTRATION!!!


Clear Channel’s Directors Give Big to Romney, Who Won’t Criticize Limbaugh: The directors of Clear Channel, which hosts Rush Limbaugh’s show, have been big donors to Mitt Romney’s campaigns, which might help explain why Romney has been so reluctant to criticize Rush.

Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)

ANOTHER story virtually ignored by the "mainstream liberal media" is the nationwide Republican voter registration scandal, which I touched upon HERE. Now when ACORN was FALSELY ACCUSED of doing the SAME THING, the media shoved the FALSE ACORN STORY DOWN OUR THROATS and VIRTUALLY IGNORED it when the GOP ACTUALLY DID IT!!! And it JUST HAPPENED and is CURRENTLY HAPPENING and the "media" isn't covering it!!!

The "liberal media" is REPUBLICAN!!! All the proof in the world exists to PROVE IT!!! I prove it practically DAILY right here on this blog!


Let's do a test of the "liberal media" on this BREAKING STORY, boy does THIS go perfectly with my story from a few days ago "Corrupt Corporate Owned Big Media Pretends There's Only Two People Running For President: Orders From The 1%":


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, along with her vice-presidential running mate Cheri Honkala, was arrested at Hofstra University outside the venue of tonight's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Stein and Honkala attempted to enter the debate hall without credentials in protest of being excluded from the debate:

Green Party candidate Jill Stein blasts Democrat and Republican duopoly

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