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Is TARAH TOOHIL listed anywhere in Mitt Romney's BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN? I ASK OF THEE?

Sometimes you have to put aside the serious issues and hop on something while the funny bone coals are still hot in the fire. There's two mind-boggling funny political stories going on right now: Mitt Romney's "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" and Tarah Toohil's...well I don't know how to describe this..."LESBIAN BONG" video/picture that surfaced. Tarah Toohil is a Republican "family values" party politician in our local area, we'll get to that later.

First we'll tackle "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN".

In my post I LOVE BIG BIRD, I said that Mitt Romney's statement "I LOVE BIG BIRD" was hands-down the lousiest most ridiculous statement ever said in a "presidential debate", and doubted it could ever be topped. Well, not only did he top it, he DESTROYED & CRUSHED IT! Let me try again: Romney did a quadruple-flip-flop on I LOVE BIG BIRD, then BREAKDANCED on it, did a PIROUETTE, and then landed in a final perfect stance presentation.

The IRONY of Mitt saying "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" while attempting to show that he was "PRO-WOMEN" is a beautiful thing.

I said in my I LOVE BIG BIRD post that no one, including Mitt Romney, would ever top "I LOVE BIG BIRD" in a "presidential debate". Now, even though he smashed it with "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN", which is EPICALLY greater than "I LOVE BIG BIRD", I will never say of Mitt Romney he cannot top ANY asinine statement he has made. He's keeping interest in the "presidential debates" because now I am going on record saying: MITT ROMNEY WILL NOW TOP "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" in the 3rd "presidential debate"! Frankly, after having ZERO interest in the rigged LIE-O-RAMA "presidential debates" in which only Romney & Obama are allowed, even though there's a half-dozen presidential candidates, one of whom got arrested at the last "debate", I now can't wait to see how Romney will top "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN". He WILL top "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN", I am now a BELIEVER!

There's lots of "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" videos that are going viral on the TUBES OF THE INTERNETS, and that's a good thing. Here's some of my favorites:

Here's a RAP one:


This one is the actual "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" comment:

"BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" internet analysis:

This "BINDERS FOR WOMEN" is nice, kind of basic, but good:

This "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" I found CHARMING, and straight from the heart, kinda like this one, very heartfelt, the REAL DEAL:

This MASHUP is best described as "OMINOUS":

Now my PERSONAL ANALYSIS of what Romney was thinking when it occurred to him that it was the right moment to whip out his "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" strategy, here's what may have been going through his head just before:

Look CLOSELY @ 0:44, Romney is thinking, "He's playing right into my trap, now's my chance to pull out my 'BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN' strategy, I can't wait for my turn when he's finished here. DEBATE OVER! BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN - 1, OBAMA 0!!!" -

Now for TARAH TOOHIL & the "LESBIAN-BONG" video, for lack of a better term:

(NOTE: I wasn't sure whether to refer to it as "LESBIAN-BONG", "BONG-LESBIAN", "DRUG-BONG-LESBIAN", "BONG-DRUG-LESBIAN", or "LESBIAN-DRUG-BONG" video...but I thought "DRUG & BONG" were redundant. I would like to get this straight up front: I am PRO-BONG, PRO-LESBIAN, & PRO-DRUG, don't misconSCREW this as me attacking lesbians, bongs, or drugs in any way, shape, or form. It's the IRONY of a Tea Party/family values Republican that I'm pointing out. If it was a Democrat, Libertarian, or liberal, I wouldn't even say anything. Frankly, she should've run as a 3rd party candidate, I'm pretty sure they're all PRO-BONG/PRO-LESBIAN/PRO-DRUG. I'm doing this post because I simply love to point out lies and hypocrisy of politicians and the corporate media, that's why I'm writing this.)

A lot of people read this blog (according to my stats) that aren't from around here (Northeast Pennsylvania, or as we call it, NEPA). BACKGROUND: There is a Republican family values Tea Party state House Rep Tarah Toohil who just won a 2-year term in 2010, with the flood of "Tea Party", "family values", etc... votes that rolled in. Republicans were sweeping back into power to bring back honesty, self-righteousness, religion, small government, etc...etc...blah blah blah... back into government.

Before the "lesbian-bong" thingy, I recently wrote a post which happened to mention Tarah Toohil, but was really about the entire Republican Party in Pennsylvania, entitled Pennsylvania Women: Got REPUBLICANS In Your Vagina??? GOP "WAR ON WOMEN" Comes To Pennslyvania. (come to think of it, I also happened to mention her in my LAST post, because she voted FOR FRACKING ON PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE CAMPUSES! this post is full of ironies, or I'm just a very good blogger!) The Pa. Republicans tried to pass a bill for forced government invasive vaginal ultrasound on women who were considering an abortion. You know, the "anti-big government" crowd. Republican Governor Tom Corbett said, "JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES" if we pass this law, remember? And I bet she voted for that nasty GOP VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT law, too! I don't even have to look that up! What other way would she vote on that?

Well it turns out that a "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN" (WHOOPS!, got that stuck in my head, SORRY!) - YOU GUESSED IT! - a video of Tarah Toohil surfaced on the TUBES OF THE INTERNETS of her at a PIZZA PARTY (pizza party???) appearing about to kiss a woman with a BONG and a bag of POT! That's was YOUR guess, too? WOW!!!

I wonder if she, after she was "elected" in 2010, she said to herself: "I HOPE A LESBIAN-BONG VIDEO OF ME AT A PIZZA PARTY DOESN'T COME OUT"...GODDAMMIT, IT DID (and I refer to it as the "TARAH TOOHIL LESBIAN-BONG VIDEO", because what else am I gonna do, call it the "TARAH TOOHIL REPUBLICAN FAMILY VALUES VIDEO? wtf?):

Don't you hate when that happens? When you're a "family values/Tea Party" House Rep and a "LESBIAN-BONG" video surfaces? I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!

But as I have said for years: WE LOVE "IRONY", HERE ON BIG DAN'S BIG BLOG !!!

Now Tarah has come out with statements saying it was a political attack on her, and she's not the same person, and it isn't COOL taking drugs, etc...etc...blah blah blah...the usual. Republicans probably have that pre-recorded somewhere and just photoshop a picture of a Republican along with those statements. sure looks cool to ME in that video! But I only speak for myself... I do have one additional comment: how do we know they were about to KISS? What if they were simply BLOWING POT SMOKE into each others' mouths!!! Let's not jump to any hasty coclusions here! What if this was what you had to do for a tryout to get listed on Mitt Romney's BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN? It was around the same time, you know!

I'm just saying, it's nice break to have two MIND-BOGGLING FUNNY political stories going on like this, especially involving REPUBLICANS, and watching how the rightwing/Republican media machine tries to either ignore it or spin it and put out the fires. You know, like "let's forget about the past, people change!!!.....but what about BILL AYERS AND THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND???" lol

I can't tell you what GREAT FUN it is to hear local rightwing radio callers saying how we should forget it, IT'S IN THE PAST!!! .......except let's talk about the PAST of DEMOCRATS!!! CHAPPAQUIDDICK! CHAPPAQUIDDICK! WEATHER UNDERGROUND! REVEREND WRIGHT! MONICA LEWINSKY! For Christ's sake, the LIBYA/BENGHAZI thing happened over a MONTH ago! What's the time limit?


NOTE: I have NO PROBLEM with lesbian-bong videos, I just wanted to say that. I'm just sayin' what's going' on! In fact, I LOVE lesbian-bong videos! I don't want anyone to think I'm denigrating lesbian-bong videos. But as far as QUALITY, this lesbian-bong video doesn't even CRACK the top-10 lesbian-bong videos I've seen. And I have NOTHING AGAINST lesbians & bongs, quite the contrary, so no letters, please, from the "lesbian-bong gang"! SORRY!!!

And besides, this video may HELP Tarah Toohil. She has now acquired the Sarah Palin "I'D BANG HER" vote. Remember Tarah Palin...I mean Sarah Palin, guys said they'd vote for her because they'd "bang her".

Tarah Toohil has said “This is a blatant and personal attack against me as a legislator.” Explain to me how publishing REAL pictures of someone is attacking them? I guess if the REAL pictures show something that makes her look bad & hypocritical...then it's an attack.  If it was a picture of her sitting in church, that wouldn't be an attack. These are REAL pictures, she admits it herself, so if anyone's attacking her, SHE IS ATTACKING HERSELF simply by doing those things in those pictures. It's not "someone else" in those pictures, IT'S HER!

Here's Tarah Toohil's response to all of this:

WHOOPS! That was 2008 Republican candidate CHRISTINE O'DONNELL! Sorry, got 'em mixed up... BUT...lemme float this one by you: WHO IS THAT IN THE TARAH TOOHIL PHOTOS with her? Could it be...ummm...CHRISTINE O'DONNELL??? Just a guess, probably wrong. What would she be doing in our area at a pizza party 15 years ago?

(citizens voice) IT'S IN THE PAST

(times leader) UPDATED: Toohil issues statement on controversial YouTube video

Here's one of about a MILLION examples of Republicans forgetting about the past, here's Andrew "I'm Dead" Breitbart:

Let's get real here for a second and look at Tarah Toohil's voting record, for those who say "forget about the past, she's doing a lot of good for us in government right now":

Tarah Toohil voted FOR disenfranchizing LEGAL VOTERS - HB 934, costing taxpayers $11 MILLION DOLLARS to try and ram an unconstitutional law down our throats.

Tarah Toohil voted FOR fracking on OUR Pennsylvania childrens' college campuses. - SB 367.

Tarah Toohil was an ORIGINAL SPONSOR of the Pa. bill which would MANDATE THE GOVERNMENT TO FORCIBLY PERFORM AN INVASIVE VAGINAL ULTRASOUND on women considering an abortion (look for her name in here).


Tarah Toohil opposes access to medical marijuana and decriminalization of marijuana

So...REALLY? She's doing a "great job"? Have you been PAYING ATTENTION???


UPDATE II: Just like in the first part of this post I said Mitt Romney couldn't top "I LOVE BIG BIRD" but he did with "BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN", Tarah Toohil tops the "lesbian/bong" photo with the "CAMEL/ISRAEL" photo!

Tarah Toohil "MOSTLY" foots bill for "junket" to Israel paid "MOSTLY" by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

The state lawmaker photographed sitting on a camel with Rep. Tarah Toohil refused to comment Monday on their relationship or the recent attacks on Toohil's character.


And MORE IRONY: this calls to mind my post:

350,000 Israelis Protest Their Goverment while 1/5 of OUR Congress (traitors) takes "ALL EXPENSES PAID BRIBE BY A LOBBY FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY (AIPAC/ISRAEL) TAKEN BY HOUSE REPS & THEIR FAMILIES FOR POLITICAL INFLUENCE BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY" (are BARLETTA & MARINO going, to get "trained" by Israel?)


MESSAGE FROM THE CONTENT CREATOR (10/18/2012): This will be my one and only statement regarding this video.

While I am the creator of this video, I am not the owner of these photographs. I do not know Ms. Toohil personally, I am not in the media, nor am I affiliated with either campaign or political party. I came across these photos on an anonymous imageboard. The person who posted them there claimed that despite 'leaking' these photos to various Pennsylvania news outlets, media personalities, and lawmakers - no one had bothered to investigate. So they asked for help in circulating the photos.

It was clear this person had some sort of personal vendetta against Ms. Toohil, but this became irrelevant to me when I learned of her positions regarding illegal drugs. Which brings me to why I posted this video.

I'm sure Rep. Toohil is a very nice person, and no one should fault her for experimenting with marijuana in her youth. The issue is not what she has done in the past, but what she does now. As a legislator, she opposes decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, and the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

These photos depict a public official who promotes policies not informed BY her life experience, but in spite of it.

There are millions of young Tarah Toohils out there right now in America, who like to party and experiment with drugs, just as she did. They're smart, promising kids with bright futures who may one day become attorneys and State Representatives, just as she did. But unlike Tarah Toohil, some of them will suffer legal consequences for their youthful indiscretions. Because of this, they will have a stain on their record that will prevent them from ever achieving the level of success Rep. Toohil has.

That's what this video is about. If Tarah Toohil would consider what her life would be like today had she been arrested for the things she did when she was young, perhaps she would reconsider her stance on the issues.

This video was not made on behalf of any campaign or political party, it was made on behalf of the millions of non-violent drug offenders in this country who currently occupy our prisons, it was made on behalf of all those who have had their lives destroyed for casual marijuana use, and it was made on behalf of those currently fighting a losing battle with drug addiction who find themselves in handcuffs instead of in treatment.

I do not hope for an end to Ms. Toohil's political career, but for her to reassess her stance on these issues. Based on her "official statement" regarding this video, she hasn't. Neither of us intend for young people to see this video and take away from it that "drugs are cool". That's totally beside the point, and frankly, young people are a lot smarter than that.

I know this video has caused Rep. Toohil much grief and I am prepared to remove it from this website on the condition that she publicly and DIRECTLY answer the following questions:

1. Do you believe you should have suffered legal consequences for your past illegal acts? 2. If the answer is yes, where do you think you would be today? 3. Do you believe others should suffer legal consequences for doing the same things you did?

Lastly, while I did not expect the kind of media attention this video has received, I find the level of discourse in the news appalling. Journalists should be interested in the truth, not in sensationalism. And while this video could be accused of the same thing, I was merely trying to communicate in a language the modern media would understand. It is worth noting that for all the speculation concerning who is behind this video, only ONE news outlet (PoliticsPA) bothered to send me a message inquiring about it.

Tarah Toohil opposes access to medical marijuana and decriminalization of marijuana Source:

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