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(see my last post, too: BP Oil Spill 2 Years Later, Digging Deeper Into 9/11, Jeb Bush & the PNAC Gang back in the White House?.......and other really important subjects.......)

SURPRISE! A judge just ruled that pictures of Osama Bin Laden, killed by Team 6, cannot be released. Still think courts aren't RIGGED? Still saying, "9/11 and the Team 6/Bin Laden story are true, otherwise wouldn't there be people in jail?" NOT IF THE COURTS ARE RIGGED!!! As the present corrupt court system stands, decisions like this will continue.

Here's the official Osama Bin Laden/Team 6 story, not MY words, this is the official Team 6/Bin Laden story told to us by the media and government:

We shot him in the head while he was watching himself on TV, immediately threw him in the sea, said it was because it was "according to Islamic law", they said there's video of the whole thing but they won't show us, take their word for all of this, Osama was with he 4 wives and 14 or so kids who must've been eluding the CIA/FBI/Mossad along with him for 10+ years. He had porn when we shot him. Then Team 6 died in a helicopter crash.

Here's all you need to know about the Osama Bin Laden MYTH:

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The Magical Passport: the day I began to listen to REAL INDEPENDENT EXPERTS about 9/11, and not to politicized government agencies paid by the government (NIST), Magazine hucksters (Popular Mechanics, Michael Shermer/Skeptics Magazine), TV & radio characters, and slick anonymous websites (debunking 9/11)

Obama's Osama Deception Proves Reality Has A Conspiracy Bias
One of the 9/11 hijackers passports found at Ground Zero in pristine condition. It flew out of his pocket/suitcase/whatever it was in, out of the exploding plane, then out of the exploding tower, landed in plain site among the rubble IN PERFECT CONDITION, not UNDER any rubble/debris/fires/etc.....according to the news and the government. You buyin' that??? They think you're STUPID. Watch:


  Marine VET Gordon Duff: the 9/11 Planners Confessed Right On TV In Front Of Your Eyes

As helicopters were flying around, spotlights, guns blazing, boots on the ground running, breaking into his compound, shooting from room to room, finally when Team 6 came upon Osama Bin Laden....... 

.......he was watching HIMSELF on TV with his PORN STASH:

And the bullshit "War On Terror" marches on! The lies, the wars, the killing, the draining of our money.......

Those on the left who think Bush lied about everything, believe his 9/11 lie. Those on the right who think Obama lies about everything, believe his Team 6/Osama story. Stop playing the left/right game! They're ALL lying about EVERYTHING  to do with the "War On Terror"!

70+ 9/11 videos I've handpicked as "MUST SEE" 9/11 videos:



CiaBS (CBS) reveals it IS the CIA - in this blatant propaganda production - which included at least two network promotions for CiaBS television shows featuring "ticking timebomb" terror themes in coming time slots on the network.

NEVER BEFORE has a 60 Minutes segment featured such 100% massive bullshit - utterly fact-free, including some superb acting by CiaBS operative Lesley Stahl playing the part of hard-hitting interviewer.  This production will be used as a teaching tool for the CIA's future agents for decades.  It is masterful - in that 100% of the words spoken pertain to total bullshit...designed to enforce belief in a reality that has been entirely fabricated...including two mentions of Al Qaeda and Anthrax in the same sentence.  This entire piece was scripted by the CIA and rehearsed at length to ensure the inclusion of every buzz word and theme the CIA wants us to believe.  CBS is the publisher of the book being released by the CIA agent. (plunger)

CiaBS (CBS)MASSIVE BULLSHIT - Hard Measures: Ex-CIA head defends post-9/11 tactics

America's Worst Enemy: The Mainstream Media

Hey! Did you hear? Mitt Romney "sewed up the nomination"!!! Is that true? That's what they keep saying on our local WILK "radio news briefs" at the top and bottom of every hour!!! I guess RON PAUL dropped out! And they didn't tell us! Good thing I get my "news" from the RADIO "NEWS" BRIEFS! Otherwise I might think the primary is still going on and look like an IDIOT! Now I can correct IDIOTS and let them know it's Obama vs Romney and the primary is over:

Ex-Israeli spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran

Israel's Deputy PM admits Iran DIDN'T threaten to wipe Israel out

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

(in Europe, we use "HOLOCAUST", in the U.S., we use "ANTI-SEMITE", that's how we justify doing everything to the Palestinians - Israeli official)


RON PAUL: "I'm always worried about false flag attacks"

This 9/11 debate was on CSPAN-2 over the weekend, I DID NOT WATCH THE COMPLETE DEBATE YET, but my friend sent me the link. It is Jonathan Kay (believes official 911 story) vs Webster Tarpley (believes official 911 story is fact/evidence free bullshit, like me). The moderator is biased neo-con and Bush administration official David Frum (Jonathan Kay is FRUM'S EDITOR!!! At the Washington Post! Notice how he begins by implying the 911 TRUTH side are crazy...notice the tactic by Kay and Frum is to TRY AND LINK 911 TRUTHERS TO EVERY SINGLE OTHER "CONSPIRACY", instead of discussing EVIDENCE AND FACTS. I'd love to see a debate where the ground rules were: THE PERSON IN THE DEBATE CANNOT SAY "CONSPIRACY", "MOON", "ALIENS", AND CANNOT BRING UP ANY OTHER SO-CALLED "CONSPIRACY THEORIES", and must STRICTLY DISCUSS EVIDENCE AND FACTS. Notice Kay brings up EVERY CONSPIRACY: "birthers", etc...every single one!!! Link your opponent to EVERY OTHER "CONSPIRACY" before we get started! LOL! As I watch more and more of the debate, I'll point out fallacies by Kay. One I spotted early is BELIEF VS FACT - saying "OH!, THEY WOULDN'T DO THAT! AND THE GOVERNMENT ISN'T SMART ENOUGH TO DO THAT! Now THINK about that: that's a BELIEF to sway the audience without presenting ANY FACTS. Here's another one: IF 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, JOURNALISTS WOULD'VE WRITTEN ABOUT IT - that's a BELIEF, not a fact. I could keep going with all of Kay's FALLACIES, but this would turn into a book and not a comment. Another one: IF IT WASN'T IN WIKILEAKS, THEN THE OFFICIAL STORY IS TRUE. WOULDN'T THEY BE IN JAIL? NO, that just proves rigged courts and law enforcement - THANK YOU! Here's another point to keep in mind: Webster Tarpley is just ONE OF MANY great thinkers who do not believe the 911 official story. Others are in my 70+ video montage above. Caught another fallacy: Kay says IF ONE CONSPIRACY WAS DISCLOSED IN THE MEDIA - SMEDLEY BUTLER - THEN 911 WOULD HAVE BEEN. FALLACY AGAIN. Any intelligent person who knows a lot about debating, arguing, and fallacies should pick up on the BARRAGE of fallacies Kay is using. More: Kay keeps bringing up Obama/birthers. What does that have to do with 911? Link your opponent to OTHER "conspiracy theorists". Anyone who knows anything about these techniques can easily pick them out from Kay's intro speech. These techniques are the M.O. of the high profile media truth deniers, watch these same techniques used here by Bill O'Reilly. A BIG fallacy is: IF IT ISN'T IN THE "NEWS", THEN IT'S NOT TRUE. That just might prove a MEDIA COVERUP and a CORRUPT MEDIA, just like corrupt courts and law enforcement. Here's another one: SOMEONE SOMEWHERE WOULD'VE SAID SOMETHING. First of all, there ARE MILLIONS of people saying this. That is still the implication that IF IT'S NOT ON THE "NEWS", THEN IT'S NOT TRUE. Because if there are MILLIONS of people saying this, and the "NEWS" is virtually ignoring them, then they must think "someone would say something" means "someone would say something ON THE NEWS". Because MILLIONS ARE SAYING IT! They just aren't on the "news".):

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