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American Taliban In Arizona Continue JIHAD Against Women With Latest VAGINA/MENSTRUAL/PERIOD Laws; Women Almost Under Control In GOP States

The Radical Petri Dish for the American Taliban: The American Taliban in Arizona, because they have a woman Taliban won't make any of their male Taliban governors look as bad.

(I'm for TalibanCare...but against ObamaCare! I think I'd vote TALIBAN over these jokers!)

I'm assuming that Arizona is not affected by the unemployment crisis or the financial crisis, because the medical and spiritual experts known as THE REPUBLICANS in Arizona just rushed in more VAGINA LAWS pertaining to when life begins complete with intricate calculations about womens' menstrual periods:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed her name to a controversial bill on Thursday, authorizing the state to outlaw abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to the legislation, however, the state considers the starting point of the life of a fetus to begin on the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period, essentially establishing life to begin before scientifically possible.
Now, as with ALL politicians, of course we would fully expect the GOP to say they are HELPING women...just like when Reagan started taxing unemployment he said he was HELPING the unemployed:
"This legislation is consistent with my strong track record of supporting common sense measures to protect the health of women" - Jan Brewer
Women: Jan Brewer and the GOP are PROTECTING YOU!!!

Uteruses Everywhere Weep As Arizona Governor Signs Insanely Restrictive Abortion Bill Into Law

Life before conception: Arizona anti-abortion law defies science

Why Arizona’s New Anti-Abortion Bill Is Worse Than It Seems

I call upon the words of two of the greatest thinkers for their opinions on this:

Arthur Sibler:
The fetus only exists because of the woman's body -- not yours, not that of some possibly corrupt and stupid politician in Washington, and not the body of some possibly ignorant and venal politician in a state legislature. As I have watched this debate develop, and as I have considered with astonishment the increasingly byzantine efforts to " draw lines" about the point of viability, the time at which a full set of rights attaches to the fetus, and all the rest, I have become increasingly convinced that the right of the woman to control her own body when she is pregnant must be absolute up to the point of birth. All the attempts to craft legislation circumscribing that right prior to birth quickly become enmeshed in what are finally subjective claims that can be disputed into eternity, and impossible of proof in one direction or another.


In terms of the political theory involved, the basic question is a stark and simple one: if you cannot control your own body, what other rights can you possibly have? If your body is not yours, what does it matter if you can freely express your political and religious convictions? The principle involved is similarly simple: as long as you are not violating anyone else's rights, your right to control your own body is absolute. Period. For the reason indicated above, the fetus is not a person in the same sense the mother is: the fetus would not exist but for the woman who carries it. The woman's right to her own body must, in fact and in logic, take precedence over whatever rights you believe the fetus possesses, up to the time of birth.
ARTHUR SIBLER: Of Abortion, and Women as the Ultimate Source of Evil

George Carlin:

And make no mistake about it: the most radical anti-women War on Women laws are coming out of Arizona BECAUSE THEY HAVE A REPUBLICAN WOMAN GOVERNOR. The GOP consists of 99% rich, white males. Are you buyin' that the most radical American Taliban laws "just happen" to be coming from Arizona with FEMALE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR JAN BREWER? Just one of those coincidences, right? You know, like those coincidences that HAPPEN ALL THE TIME!

Expect the American Taliban to keep rolling out the most radical JIHAD AGAINST WOMEN laws using Arizona as their experimental petri dish because they have an American Taliban in Arizona governor. They wouldn't want to make one of their white MALE American Taliban governors look this bad. And Jan Brewer is willingly going along with it, betraying American women of which she is one. That would make her a.......what's the word RUSH LIMBAUGH used with Sandra Fluke? I forget...

btw, has anyone thought of this? If you give the state the right to have any say in a woman's body pertaining to abortion, isn't that the same power you'd be giving the state to turn around and pass a law to force a woman to have one child? It's the power of the state to interfere with a woman's body. Can't the state turn around and say, "Now that we have the power to say whether a woman can have an abortion or not, we can now use this same power to enact this law stating that a woman can have only one child"? Isn't the state having ANY say in someone's body BIG GOVERNMENT? Where are the libertarians and conservatives on this one? Is that HYPOCRISY? Picking and choosing when the state can interfere in individual's personal rights? If the state can force a woman NOT to have an abortion, isn't that the exact same power as forcing a woman to HAVE an abortion? Isn't it best for the government to keep out of this? You remember GOVERNMENT, don't you? That group of corrupt people enriching themselves at YOUR expense? So, you think they're corrupt...except in highly important spiritual and medical matters? Then you're going to LOVE OBAMACARE!!!

ARIZONA is what you get, when you mix American Taliban Theocracy with government........

Bible To Be Taught In Public Schools In Arizona:

...but Arizona's ACCLAIMED Mexican Studies Program is BANNED:


The American Taliban in Pennsylvania recently put forward legislation 1077 for forced state mandated VAGINAL ULTRASOUND, which has subsequently been shelved probably due to Taliban Governor Tom Corbett being a white male. BUT...even though the GOP is made up of 99% white males, guess who proposed the bill? Oh, just one of those coincidences again:


And, of course, Kathy Rapp does the old WE'RE HELPING WOMEN routine by calling 1077 the WOMEN'S RIGHT TO KNOW ACT. (LOL!!!) She's HELPING you! Like Reagan HELPED people on unemployment when he started taxing them! They are helping you in OPPOSITELAND! Since when is something that is FORCED UPON YOU WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, like a vaginal ultrasound, "HELPING YOU"? It would be a RIGHT if you wanted a transvaginal ultrasound and they wouldn't give you one, and legislation said you have a RIGHT to have one if you WANT one. When the state forces something upon you against your will, it's a OPPOSITELAND.

KATHY RAPP: Support the Women’s Right-to-Know Act (House Bill 1077)
Even as the transvaginal ultrasound bill in Virginia was causing national outrage, Pennsylvania conservatives were quietly pushing a even more restrictive abortion bill. The legislation is designed with so many difficult and differing restrictions that long-time abortion policy analyst Elizabeth Nash at the Guttmacher Institute told Raw Story, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

In addition to mandating the much-maligned transvaginal ultrasound requirements since rejected by the state of Virginia, Pennsylvania legislators proposed strongly encouraging women to view and listen to the ultrasounds, forcing technicians to give the women personalized copies of the results and mandating how long before any abortion the ultrasound much be preformed — and that’s just for starters.
Pennsylvania poised to enact most restrictive abortion law of 2012

Pennsylvania Women: Got REPUBLICANS In Your Vagina??? GOP "WAR ON WOMEN" Comes To Pennslyvania

IN MEMORIAM: Rick Santorum's campaign will not come back from THE PINK BOWLING BALL INCIDENT, as well as his "MACACA MOMENT"

Welcome to OPPOSITE LAND (the GOP "debate"): where birth control causes unwanted pregnancies.
THE VAGINA PATROL (or American Taliban, take your pick) MASTER DEBATERS.

I'm joining the winning teams in Pennslyvania: the Republicans, Roman Catholics, & Frackers


Tennessee Senate Approves Bill To Warn Students That Hand-Holding Is A ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’


(special note: she doesn't explain WHY!!!!!!!! she makes ZERO sense!)

They hate us for our free (food): The American Taliban to slash food stamps

Folks: they don't want us to have contraception or abortions, but they also don't want to feed families that need food stamps! My advice: don't have any kids! So you better abstain from sex, because you won't be getting any contraception.

We spend HALF the worlds' money on wars, and HALF of our own domestic budget on WARS. THAT is what's causing the deficit. AUSTERITY is cutting everything BUT war spending:

“It Is Incumbent On Every Generation to Pay Its Own Debts As It Goes — A Principle Which If Acted On Would Save One-Half The Wars Of The World”. The Founding Fathers Knew that Debt-Financed Wars Ruin the Country

Special Commentary by plunger: If you were DAVID ROCKEFELLER, and your actual goal were to gut the United States entirely, you would, among other planned disasters, insist upon the Military's occupation of Afghanistan (a concept guaranteed to fail and drain the US Treasury - thereby creating more debt at interest for your private "Federal" Reserve Bank).

When good people can make no logical sense of policy specifically designed to destroy the United States as we knew it, they need look no further than the man behind the curtain controlling all politicians and legislation, David Rockefeller, who since 9/11, is now blackmailed by Netanyahu.

When you profit from the Military Industrial Complex, which serves the role of opening and protecting your oil fields at tax payer expense, the only thing better than ONE war-without end (the alleged War On Terror" which can never have and ending point - by design), is to have TWO.

Saudi Arabia and Iran – as competitors for regional hegemony – supported Afghan militias hostile towards each other.[110] According to Human Rights Watch, Iran was backing the Shia Hazara Hezb-i Wahdat forces of Abdul Ali Mazari to "maximize Wahdat's military power and influence".[108][110][111] Saudi Arabia supported the Wahhabite Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and his Ittihad-i Islami faction.[108][110] A publication by the George Washington University describes:
[O]utside forces saw instability in Afghanistan as an opportunity to press their own security and political agendas.[112]

Conflict between the two militias soon escalated into a full-scale war.

Due to the sudden initiation of the war, working government departments, police units or a system of justice and accountability for the newly-created Islamic State of Afghanistan did not have time to form. Atrocities were committed by individuals of the different armed factions while Kabul descended into lawlessness and chaos as described in reports by Human Rights Watch and the Afghanistan Justice Project.[108][113] Because of the chaos, some leaders increasingly had only nominal control over their (sub-)commanders.[114] For civilians there was little security from murder, rape and extortion.


Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: ‘I had to speak out – lives are at stake’

Reenactment of Col Smedley Butler's famous speech WAR IS A RACKET:

Did the BBC report that World Trade Center 47 story building #7, not hit by a plane, collapsed…BEFORE IT COLLAPSED???


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