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The Norway "terror" attack: another FALSE FLAG? Analyzing a current "terror" story in the "news".

The greatest terrorist in history: ONE GUY planted massive bombs in one part of the country and shot 85 people singlehandedly in another part. If you believe that, then you believe that the CIA/FBI/Mossad/MI6 couldn't find Bin Laden for 10 years (but found everyone else they wanted to in those 10 years), then we found him with his wiveSSS they never told us about and 13 kids who were also evading them for 10 years, we shot him in the head while he was watching TV and threw him in the sea...according to Islamic Law! Oh, and he had PORN when they found him. AND the government said they have video and pictures of the whole thing, but won't show us, we just have to take their word for it. The "fabled secret Team 6" (a contradiction, btw...) took the pictures and video. (I didn't make ANY of that up!!! It's the official story! When I make fun of that ludicrous story, I DO say that when they shot him in the head while he was watching TV, he was watching "CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?" reruns. Why not make up something like THAT, too, to go along with it? Or he was in "mid-whack" when they shot him, whacking off to his "stash of porn" they made up?)

A false flag operation is simply an action in which the perpetrator intends for the blame (or credit) to be placed on a different party. The term originally comes from the naval concept of flying another country’s flag to deceive and confuse other ships. Here we are concerned mostly with false flag terrorism—terror by states, organizations, and agencies which is meant to be pinned on others in order to influence policy, public opinion, or military aggression.


The Narrative the Global Media want us to believe: that one man singlehandedly devised and executed this hellish massacre of more than 85 defenseless teenagers – most of whom were ethnically Norwegian -- the same class he has allegedly vowed to protect from ethnic dilution -- for the sole purpose of punishing the Labor Party responsible for allowing Muslims into Norway.

From the get-go, I said it's impossible for ONE guy to shoot 85 people. Now, stories are surfacing that eyewitnesses say there was more than one shooter, so I may have been correct:

Acting police chief in Norway: "Some of the witness statements from the island (shootings) have made us unsure of whether there was one or more shooters."

VG of Oslo: “Several” Eyewitnesses Say there were Two Shooters on the Island

Witnesses Suggest Second Shooter Involved in Norway Youth Camp Rampage

Once again, as in all major "terror" attacks, the government happened to be conducting a similar "exercise" beforehand.

First of all, don't EVER believe ANY "terror" stories on major network "news", including scandal-ridden Rupert Murdoch's FOX "news". Expect this story to keep changing, btw, like the Osama Bin Laden "he had a gun, no he didn't, he used his wives as a human shield, no he didn't, etc...) We'll start with the "news" coverage of two U.S. propaganda networks: CBS & AP

(CBS) Police: Norway suspect a right-wing extremist

Odd things so far in this AP article that came out Sunday:
  • ONE gunman shooting ONE gun shot 85 people (that seems impossible to me), yet only 7 people died from the MASSIVE BOMBS. Didn't they hide, or at least say, "He's going to kill us anyway, let's rush him!"???
  • ONE guy, supposedly the same guy, planted all those bombs acting alone AND in a separate event shot 85 people somewhere else.
  • An "anonymous Norweigan policemen" referred to the bombings as "Oklahoma City like". Sounds like it WASN'T a Norweigan police officer who said that! And that's why it's anonymous! Why would a Norweigan policeman use a U.S. bombing from over 25 years ago to refer to? And why would he care that they NOT publish his name, just for saying it was like Oklahoma City? Unless it WASN'T a Norweigan policeman.
  • Police took 90 minutes to get to the scene (isn't that abnormally long? for this biggest "terror" act in the history of Norway? Do they take a WEEK to reach the scene of a lesser crime? Or a MONTH?).
  • Police said they couldn't get a helicopter, yet there's TV footage of the shooter...FROM A HELICOPTER! So some JACKASS "news" crew had a helicopter, but they didn't! That's hard to believe.
  • he "rented a farm" where he had 10,000lbs of fertilizer (like Oklahoma City?) - did you ever hear of someone ever "renting a farm"? I never did in my life.
  • the word "Muslim" has got to be in the article...even though "Muslims" had nothing to do with it!!! There is 100% chance the word "Muslim" or "Al Qaeda" is in ANY "terror" article, even if a WHITE NON-MUSLIM GUY DID IT!
  • his lawyer says "there's some things I don't want to talk about right now" - what is it his lawyer doesn't want to talk about? why would his lawyer say that?
  • why was he dressed like a policeman? were there other policemen there? if he was the only (fake) policeman, why didn't someone say, "what are you doing here?"?. If there were other policemen there, why didn't they ask him, "Who are you? We don't recognize you"? Why even dress like a fake policeman, was that even necessary? Did he have a gun in plain site while dressed like a policeman, or was it hidden? Hidden on him, or somewhere on the island? Who took a fake policeman with a gun out to the island? The island was hard to get to, according to police who couldn't get there for 90 minutes.

Here's the AP article that contains all that:

AP: Norway suspect terrorized island for 90 minutes

First and foremost, ask yourself if the U.S. and/or Israel was behind it...or USrael. Also, it is possible this was an "event" to take the Murdoch scandal out of the "news" or to avoid reporting the "SUPER CONGRESS" (see the end of this post). One thing for sure: the global media is purposely ignoring the abundance of available reasons one country in particular has for being behind this bombing: Israel. NO OTHER COUNTRY IS CLOSE TO HAVING AS MANY REASONS!

Isn't it TRUE that the mainstream media is ZIONIST-CONTROLLED, when you see the reporting on the Norway "terrorism"? Right off the bat, they did the usual "blame the Muslims" and ignored the fact that Israel has ALL THE MOTIVES to be behind it?

Possible motivations for Israel being behind it and blaming someone else:

Norway is an odd choice as a Muslim terror target, but NOT an odd false flag terror target for the Israeli Mossad:

- Norway has endorsed Palestinian statehood.

- Norway has excluded Isareli investments.

- Norway’s 450 billion euro oil-riches fund has excluded two Israeli firms involved in developing settlements ... on ethical grounds, Norway’s finance ministry said on Monday.

- Senator Lieberman (I-Israel) has accused Norway of promoting anti-semitism

- Norway has also announced its plan to withdraw from the Libyan war

- The summer camp where the shootings took place had just concluded a pro-Palestinian rally the day before

Norwegian Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF) Demands that Ariel Sharon and Other Israeli Leaders be put on Trial.

Left-wing Norwegian parliamentarians to join 'Freedom Flotilla 2 - Stay Human' Gaza voyage

Norwegian lawmaker under fire for denying the Holocaust

The Vice President of the Parliament of Norway will join the next convoy of Hamas-supporters.

Israel: Norway inciting against us: Foreign Ministry says Norwegian authorities funding anti-Israel film, exhibition, and play. Norway: We support freedom of expression

Norway wanted out of Libya

Was the Norway massacre a reaction to the boycott Israel campaign?

Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks.

Media Blames Al-Qaeda Knowing Pro-Israeli Extremists Conducted Oslo Attacks

Israel attacked Norway: Media trying to create a new "terror" front besides "the Muslims": rightwing Christians or "White Al Qaeda" -

The media lied when it blamed Muslims for the terror attack in Norway (or if you prefer to be generous, they simply got it wrong.) Like the little boy that cried "wolf", we live with a media that cries "Muslim" at every opportunity. In this one case, the deception or mistake was exposed, but we need to ask just how often the media has been deceptive or wrong about terror attacks in the past. It is well known that in Israel, bombings which are actually turf wars between organized crime factions are automatically assigned to Palestinians for political reasons. Where else has the media lied, or been in error? - Mike Rivero:

Moments after the explosion that, as of Saturday night, left seven dead, pundits and analysts alike had PURPOSELY or WRONGLY assigned blame to al-Qaeda or an al-Qaeda-like group (a close approximation will do, one can suppose).

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

INTERPRET THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE, it gives every reason in the world to blame Israel for the Norway attack...but attempts to "blame the Muslims":

Norway, which has a sordid history of feeding the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel beast, woke up this morning to the shock of the Islamist beast feeding on Norwegian blood.

It points out every motive for the attacks...and leads directly back to the accuser.

Does it get any more obvious? they point out every reason in the world for Israel to have attacked them, and for radical Islam not to have done so.

Did Israel create a PROGRAMMED anti-Muslim patsy to put the "right wing christian fundamentalists" in the "terrorist" category?

"It wasn't like he was thinking - he was just shooting"

Who is the suspect in the Norway attacks?

How come all the articles say a FAKE policeman did the shootings and "a suspect" was arrested? Was the suspect the FAKE policeman? Why don't they say? If this guy WASN'T the FAKE policeman, who is he and where is the FAKE policeman? (note: I have since seen on TV "news" CBS finally that this guy was the FAKE policeman) There was one witness directly at the base of a rock the FAKE policeman was standing on, so close she could "hear him breathing". There were witnesses all around, hiding behind rocks, trees, in the water, behind buildings, etc... Didn't THEY see what happened to the FAKE policeman?

Why? Why do all the articles say a FAKE policeman started shooting people...but then say "a suspect" was arrested? Was the "suspect the FAKE policeman???

Don't assume that the shooter also built the bomb(s) with timers to coincide with his actions miles away on an island. This points to a staged and coordinated attack with military precision - requiring technical capabilities and surveillance capabilities known to exist in organizations such as Mossad. If you program an individual to go to an island and start shooting, that's all you need to make it appear that he was responsible for the entire event including bombs with timers. He may have done the entire thing, or not. Will the truth be known, or a story invented for public consumption?

John Hinkley, Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald come to mind.

Both a Freemason and a Christian Fundamentalist? Was he a Zionist as well? YUP!

The gunman from Norway is a Freemason


Was this a Mossad Operation?

What was the connection of the island killing to the Oslo bombings?

What was the connection to the anti-terror drill being conducted on the same day?

Racist + Islamophobic News Manipulation by the BNP

Pictures of the SWAT Team storming the island - and claims of a shootout - yet apparently the suspect was not injured, and was taken under arrest - though no one can figure out how to write that down:

Ironically - this seems to be the best coverage:

Alex Jones: exclusive interview with an eyewitness to the Norway "terrorism":

FACT: you are 8x more likely to die from a policeman than a "terrorist".

Norweigan Wood (The Bird Has Flown)

Here's Rupert Murdoch's attempt to tug at your heat strings to get his scandal out of the news:

That above political cartoon is supposed to imply that we should be worrying about IMPORTANT things like people starving in Somalia.

Now that IS important, that's the thing. But how come Murdoch never reports on people starving in Somalia, then? But we SHOULD report on it......when the Murdoch trial is going on, though...Murdoch wishes.

Why didn't Murdoch run that exact same cartoon, while the Casey Anthony thing was going on, where that mother Casey Anthony didn't report her kid missing?

The cartoon would be the SAME - a Somalian starving to death - but instead of the caption saying, "I'VE HAD A BELLY FULL OF PHONE HACKING", it would say, "I'VE HAD A BELLY FULL OF CASEY ANTHONY", right?

Everything you want to know about the Rupert Murdoch scandal.

(special thanks to plunger for contributions to this post)

(and btw...while you were watching this, they proposed the invention of an unConstitutional "SUPER CONGRESS" in the United States! Which could bypass the congress to strip popular social programs such as social security! From the article: A Super Congress would be less accountable than the system that exists today, and would find it easier to strip the public of popular benefits." I will either add SUPER CONGRESS to this post, or that's my next post. In the meantime, read about "SUPER CONGRESS" HERE and HERE and here and HERE)

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