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Big Dan's Big News July 15, 2011 - the DEBT CEILING CHARADE & Rigged Elections

UPDATE: The Debt Ceiling Charade may have been a FALSE FLAG to create an un-Constitutional "SUPER CONGRESS".

THE "PRETEND" DIFFERENT PARTIES: Democrats & Republicans

Below: "I'm gonna get them lousy Democrats and/or Republicans...which one am I??? I forgot...can we 'cut' the camera for a're from MSNBC and/or FOX, right?"

This picture says it all: the Dems & GOP are like the WWF "pretend" fighting with the "pretend" media holding up the microphone issuing FAKE headLIES with WWF phrases like SPAR. Here's the formula: the mainstream media pushes a strawman non-issue and says the two parties are "sparring" over it. The latest example of this formula is "THE DEBT CEILING". To prove to you what a non-issue or "red herring" the debt ceiling is, it was raised 7 of 8 years under Bush, and 70 times in the last 50 years without a word from the media, Democrats, and Republicans.  In fact, YOU never heard of the "debt ceiling" even though its been around forever and the ceiling raised forever...UNTIL THE MEDIA AND THE TWO PARTIES DECIDED TO MAKE IT A CRISIS RIGHT NOW!!! While we're watching this FAKE FIGHT promoted by the FAKE INDEPENDENT MEDIA (Don King), the REAL agenda keeps moving forward: endless wars, cuts to social security, medicare, medicaid, selling off public domain owned things to private corporations, rigging the courts and law enforcement and  government agencies with insiders so this can continue, etc... Doesn't anyone look up anything anymore? Did you not look up the history of the debt ceiling? Do we just blindly believe the "news" implication that this is the FIRST TIME we've ever raised the debt ceiling? Do you fall for every FAKE CRISIS they manufacture to keep you distracted from the real issues? Why doesn't the "news" call it the "DEATH CEILING", like they ran with that "DEATH PANEL" bullshit? You would think, based on the way Republicans brought up debate over the DEATH CEILING and the media ran with it like STENOGRAPHERS of the Republican Party without pointing out the "7 of 8" or "70 times in the last 50 years" that it just came into being or that it was never raised before!!! But then again, they need a good FAKE FIGHT to make us think they aren't the same party. the fight over gay marriage or something else inconsequential compared to the IMPORTANT bullet items I list below that they are in lockstep agreement with.

If our elections are rigged, then it would make sense that BOTH the Democrats & Republicans, against the wishes of 99% of Americans (the richest 1% are not included), no matter which party was in there, would:

  • have us engaged in continuous wars for decades (we are in SIX - count 'em - 6 wars right now, daily bombing of a sovereign nation = "WAR": Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan/Libya/Yemen/Somalia),
  • bail out Wall St all the time
  • outsource our jobs to 3rd world countries
  • ruin our environment/food/water
  • serve the wishes of a foreign country and speak to them as if they work for them (Israel)
  • don't investigate crimes by the other party (Obama says we "must look forward", Pelosi said "impeachment is off the table", etc...),
  • when they DID "investigations", have FAKE investigations that are in fact COVER UPS like 9/11, Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, Wall St banksters
  • commit terrorism on us (saying the debt is our fault and we must "sacrifice" social security, education, health care...but keep the $6 TRILLION dollar wars going, the tax cuts for the rich going, aid to foreign countries going)
  • cover up 9/11
  • say that WE are responsible for $60,000/each for debt THEY (not US) ran up
  • IGNORE voting irregularities and NOT fight for a voting system that EVERYONE would have confidence in
  • ALLOW the mainstream media to report FALSE "news" and IGNORE important news
  • keep us in constant FEAR from an overblown "terrorist" threat
  • keep transferring wealth from 99% of Americans to the 1% richest
  • keep chipping away at our liberties creating a police state because of the "terrorist" threat that THEY are overblowing
  • warn you not to dig too deep into 9/11 research
  • tell us "The Big Lie" evidence-free stories like Muslim hijackers who couldn't fly planes did 9/11 and we just killed Osama Bin Laden.

If elections were rigged, wouldn't BOTH parties act just like they do, and continually do things against our wishes without worrying that they will pay for it "at the ballot box"?

YES, things would be going JUST LIKE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW if our elections were rigged! Obama would betray liberals, and Bush would betray conservatives! NEITHER would do what 99% of Americans want them to do! This is what it would be like! They would NEVER WORRY about their actions, either, and they would continue to do things against OUR interests because they KNOW they wouldn't pay for it "at the ballot box"!

In an atmosphere of doubt about the validity of the voting process, it appears that the entire voting process is a sham, a trick to fool the American people into accepting whatever is done to them by creating the illusion that the people somehow voted for and approved of whatever is being done. That's how Batista fooled the Cuban people. That's how the USSR fooled the Soviet citizens. And that's how the American government fools us.

Do We The People owe that $65 trillion? No, we do not. It was borrowed without our permission. No citizen agreed to repay that money.

Those government officials who borrowed that money and intend that We The People should be forced to repay it can no longer do so on the assumption that they rule with the consent of those who vote.

The best that can be said is that they rule with the consent of those who count the vote.


Look at this video below: a computer programmer TESTIFIES in front of congress that he wrote computer programs PER A CONGRESSMAN'S REQUEST to hack electronic voting machines.

Guess what BOTH parties of congress did about this: NOTHING!!! Doesn't that make sense that they did NOTHING about rigged elections, if you look at what I said above? Things that don't make any sense to you BEGIN TO MAKE SENSE IF YOU THINK OUR ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED!

Computer Programmer testifies he was commissioned by house rep to write program to hack electronic voting machines and make "your guy" win 51%-49%

The movie "HACKING DEMOCRACY", about a grandmother who PROVED e-vote machines are hacked:

‎"They’re Going to Cut Back the Bone and They’re Going to Keep the Fat, Basically. They’re Going to Try to Panic the Population into Acquiescing in a Democratic Party Sellout by Cutting Back Payments to the People...While Making Sure that They Pay the Pentagon, They Pay the Foreign Aid, They Pay Wall Street"


BTW: "move to the right" means TOWARD FASCISM.

This whole left/right paradigm thing is just another way of saying Socialism vs. Fascism.

The oligarchs who control central banking, the markets, the banks, health care, insurance and the media companies are FASCISTS. That's not derogatory hyperbole - it's just a simple fact.

Their game has been, and continues to be, dislodging Americans from their prior moorings - altering their perceptions of reality, teaching them to forget what they used to believe and indoctrinating them in a newly invented reality - which is intentionally and incrementally moved further to the FASCIST RIGHT each year - as they invent the "New Normal" in alignment with the Rove-Created SCRIPT, developed in concert with RAND and the CIA, which GHW Bush and David Rockefeller paid for.

The boiling frog analogy is perfect.

The individuals responsible for these manipulations have zero respect for your intelligence. They aspire to make you stupid and pliable. You are their pawn, and they despise you. You are either productive, and therefore valuable, or you are disposable. They are megalomaniacs, working for even greater megalomaniacs, who in turn do the bidding of less than 100 families to control the world.

Their moral compass is shattered. They have total disrespect for humanity and the environment. - plunger

Eric Cantor FINANCIAL TERRORISM & Oligarch Media Propaganda:

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at how propaganda shapes political and economic outcomes in our economies. They report on Americans collecting government social welfare benefits without knowing it and U.S. Congressman taking financial bets against its government debt. And, finally, Max and Stacy suggest that if British teenagers are being extradited to America on copyright infringement, then George Michael ought to have a case against Rupert Murdoch under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as well.

The FALSE "left/right" (Democrat/Republican) paradigm: how the ELITES control the government and give you the ILLUSION that you have a choice in the two parties:

John Adams said:
"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."

The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System

The FAKE fight by the FAKE different parties over the DEBT CEILING:

Bin Laden BULLSHIT Watch, here's the latest:

‎OBL reportedly targeted Obama for 9/11/11 attack

They just won't let Osama Bin Laden die in peace...for the 20th time since Dec 2001.


Rupert Murdoch Media Empire Is Crumbling

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