Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Jan 3, 2010

Right and Left beginning to agree against both parties of the U.S. government...just like my saying above: Health CARE for all Americans, not health INSURANCE! The right and left agreeing spells trouble for both parties. We need to get rid of insurance companies. They don't add any value to health care, except to be a middle man skimming 30% profits and denying people coverage but taking $1,000/month from them. Let me repeat as I often do here: besides some backwards 3rd world countries, the United States is the ONLY country that doesn't cover all of it's citizens with health care.

Jane Hamsher: Americans are Finding that Politicians are too Responsive to What Corporations Want

Our corporate owned media ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & FOX is so propagandized, I actually post more things from Russian Television and Al Jazeera! I get more accurate, interesting, real, hard hitting news from them! ANBCBSNNX speaks for corporations (they OWN the media), the wealthiest few Americans, the military industrial complex, the foreign country of Israel which we are supposed to think is part of the United States (or the other way around), and politicians who speak on behalf of all those mentioned above. THAT is ANBCBSNNX.

Revolution is near - economist

Video 1 - revolution is near: Capitalism brings immense suffering to the world and needs to be overthrown that is according to political economist and author Raymond Lotta from New York. He told RT he thinks a revolution is coming.
Video 2 - the L-Curve - income distribution in the U.S.
Video 3 - who owns America's wealth?
Video 4 - the failure of Reaganomics

I did not support Obama so that the US could continue Bush's criminal policies! I most certainly did not and do not support the commission of new war crimes, aggression, or atrocities!

Glenn Greenwald: The degrading effects of terrorism fears

Demand that Obama End Bush's Policies and War Crimes

UN says Afghans slain in troop raid were students

Afghans burn Obama effigy over civilian deaths

This is interesting - it juxtaposes two different points of view of two people on health care: free market conservative  vs. someone in favor of some sort of government public option:

A Girl Called Jewel

Just days into Israel's war on Gaza, in early January, the extended Al Samouni family, some 48 men, women and children, was attacked in the homes they occupied together in the south of Gaza - and almost all of them were killed. Thirteen-year-old Almaza - 'jewel' - is one of the very few who survived the attack in which 30 members of her family died, many before her own eyes. A Girl Called Jewel is Almaza's story, a heart-breaking eye-witness account of the war in Gaza.

REAL NEWS: the Grim state of the states:

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