Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Jan 27, 2010

Yes, it was this guy! The rightwing ACORN guy! James "Big House" O'Keefe! Breitbart's STOOGE goes down! Simply PIMP-tastic! K-K-Karl Rove, Jr. - do NOT pass GO, go directly to jail!

Watergate-Gate - Republican operative commits federal crime of bugging a Democratic senator's phone. James O'Keefe, the Republican operative and Andrew Breitbart STOOGE who's already traded in his pimp costume for an orange jailbird jumpsuit, was the guy who posed as a "PIMP" and tried to setup ACORN as a fake pimp and hooker and was paraded on rightwing media as a "hero". FOX "news" has given this scant coverage, compared to their 24x7 coverage when he did his "sting" on ACORN. They said we have to "put this in perspective". ACORN's Bertha Lewis is vindicated and gets her day in the sun: ENJOY!!!

Landrieu phone plot: Men arrested have links to intelligence community

Salt Lake County GOP cancels keynote address after New Orleans arrest. Plan B » Party's big annual fundraiser will find new featured speaker instead of O'Keefe.

O'Keefe and his cohorts' record of dishonesty

James O'Keefe, the face of "conservative journalism"

Turley: Phone tamperer’s Tweet may violate court order

The PIMP doesn't fall far from the tree...Andrew Breitbart and his STOOGE pimp protégé...

BUSTED: It's Hard Out Here For a (Fake) Rightwing Pimp and Phone Tapper. Breitbart's anti-ACORN activist/videographer arrested with U.S. Attorney's son, two others, attempting to bug U.S. Senator's office...

Breitbart's double-standard: Breitbart isn't guilty of anything just because O'Keefe works for him...but the entire ACORN organization is guilty because a couple of them did something stupid!

Breitbart admits paying activist who tried to bug Democratic senator

Andrew Breitbart is a Criminal, According to Andrew Breitbart's Own GOP Operative Logic. Admissions during 'interview' with fellow wingnut operative Hugh Hewitt hang the arrest of James O'Keefe around Breitbart's own neck...

Not a good day for Andrew Breitbart. As his hand-groomed protégé, undercover ACORN video auteur James O'Keefe, sat in a Louisiana police station under arrest for attempting to tamper with a U.S. senator's telephone system, Breitbart's media empire went into lockdown...

With O'Keefe arrest, Breitbart develops newfound appreciation for "facts"

Breitbart says arrest not related to BigGovernment, but he's paying alleged wiretap plotter O'Keefe "a fair salary"

Big Falsehoods: A guide to Andrew Breitbart's lies, smears, and distortions

Yesterday, conservative activist James O'Keefe was arrested for allegedly plotting "to wiretap Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's office in downtown New Orleans." O'Keefe was arrested along with Stan Dai, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan. Here's a look at who O'Keefe's alleged accomplices appear to be:

O'Keefe's three alleged accomplices: Conservative activists Dai, Basel and Flanagan

REPORT: After obsessive coverage of O'Keefe's video, Fox largely ignored his arrest

Beck, Hannity & O'Reilly Ignore O'Keefe Arrest

FOX & Friends: LOOK AT THE HALF-COURT BASKETBALL SHOT!!! (not the O'Keefe arrest):

Back in the day when O'Keefe was an up-and-coming rightwing operative in college, he held a racist "affirmative action bakesale":

ACORN Cleared YET AGAIN of Wrongdoing. UPDATE: NYTimes buries Story, gives last word to wingnuts...

Bertha Lewis' response to O'Keefe/Breitbart pimp setup:

O'Keefe's puppetmaster Breitbart gets his ass handed to him on Real Time:

Conservatives’ 25-year goal of ‘defunding the left’ revealed by ACORN controversy

Rightwing media's witchhunt against ACORN:

FOX News Isn't News. It's a Political Operation.

O'Keefe the PIMP went to "11" on this one!

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