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Bilderberg Jr: U.S. House Taking Their Bi-Annual Odd-Year Secret All-Expenses-Paid Including Family Members Trip To Israel With No Mainstream Media Coverage

(UPDATE: I've been looking around the internet since I posted this days ago, and I am one of the only people on the internet reporting on this and pointing this out. Amazing: when you GOOGLE this subject, MY POST comes up #1. That's pretty sad, isn't it? Even so-called "truth" sites are not reporting this, let alone the zio-mainstream media. My post comes up #1, and I'm just some schmuck with a brain who does this in his spare time? That really shows you the extent of just how controlled the "news" is and who controls it. END-UPDATE)

(UPDATE II: The days go on, with zero coverage of this as we speak. This is DISGUSTING! You can talk about ANYTHING...but THIS! Talk about defunding Obamacare, Snowden, etc...etc...anything but this. END-UPDATE II)

What list is even harder to get than the Bilderberg attendee list? The list of U.S. House reps that go on the Israel "junket".

Did you read in your local paper about the U.S. House bi-annual odd-year all-expenses paid for their families, too, "junket" to Israel? Of course you didn't. They're busy distracting you with the WORLDWIDE FAKE MUSLIM TERROR ALERT so you didn't realize there's a WORLDWIDE JEW TERROR ALERT that our U.S. House members are pledging allegiance to Israel:

Florida Reps. Frankel, Murphy, Garcia join trip to Israel that raises questions of influence

Forgive me for being politically incorrect: we're brainwashed by the media & politicians that we can say "WORLDWIDE MUSLIM TERROR ALERT"...but can't say "WORLDWIDE JEW TERROR ALERT". I hope I don't get put in jail for saying that.

These all-expenses-paid junkets by our elected leaders to Israel might help explain THIS:

Remember the last odd-year "junket" by U.S. House members to Israel for "education and training" in 2011? I covered it, of course. And I did some homework about the 2011 "junket" to Israel. I thought if we had a FAKE WORLDWIDE MUSLIM TERROR ALERT to distract you this time, what was going on in 2011 to distract you? Well, it was "rockets from Gaza" and Team 6 got Bin Laden...more FAKERY btw. "Rockets from Gaza" is when Israel fires rockets at themselves and say "the muslims did it". They totally surround Gaza and have it under clamps to the point where it's the biggest open-air prison in history...but they just can't seem to find those pesky "terrorists" shooting rockets at them! And we all know Team 6/Bin Laden capture doesn't pass the smell test, just like 911 "official story" doesn't pass the smell test.

Oh, and here's a good one: the very little reporting, if any, on these "junkets" by the corrupt media, they make sure to say our House members are going there for education and training, and meet with the Palestinian leaders as well as Israeli leaders.

Oh, really? They meet with Palestinian leaders on an all-expenses paid by Israel and Jewish Zionist connected lobby groups trip? Well, in 2011, can you tell us how the that went? Where's the report on how you met with Palestinian leaders? What did you learn in your "education and training"?

I somehow don't think our House members report back to WE THE PEOPLE about these "junkets" since they won't even release a list of the House members who go on these super-secret no media coverage "junkets":

"AIPAC refused to provide the full list of lawmakers who made the trip"

Let me pound that fact home:

A foreign country and their lobby group won't tell us the list of our U.S. House reps on their junket!!! And our media is ignoring it and distracting us with fake muslim terror alerts! And our own reps aren't telling us, either!

Do our "lawmakers" go to Israel in SECRET because they take a SECRET OATH TO ISRAEL? Watch what a former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney says:

One of our local reps from around here, Tarah Toohil (republican), went on the "junket" last time and a nice picture of her on a camel in Israel surfaced:


It looks like a lot of fun on these junkets to Israel, doesn't it?

Here's some more fun a different Republican rep had in Israel on the last junket:

Republican House Member Is Rebuked After Nude Swim in Israel

"during a trip to Israel last summer, several House Republican freshmen engaged in a late-night swim in the Sea of Galilee, complete with one skinny-dipping congressman whose choice threatened to tarnish the reputation of the House newcomers as superserious number-crunchers who sleep on their office couches and go to bed before midnight."

Nice of the NYTimes to cover it a year later, at least. Maybe the NYTimes will put out a story next year about this year's junket.

Isn't it funny how the "news" can talk about Anthony's Weiner 24x7 for several weeks, but never bring up the timely "skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee" story during the exact junket it occurred on? No, that would be good, timely reporting. Apparently, Anthony's WEINER is a much bigger story than several Republicans' WEINERS dangling out in the Sea of Galilee in a foreign country which they can be blackmailed.

Is Tarah Toohil, or any of our other local reps around here - Lou Barletta, Tom Marino, Cartwright - on THIS junket occurring as we speak? Well, we don't know, because they won't release a list of House members going on the trip. It's super-secret, WE THE PEOPLE don't have a right to know. We don't have a right to know anything about this blackmail, treasonous, bribery super-secret bi-annual odd-year, all-expenses-paid including family members JUNKET TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY.'s so dangerous out know, "The War On Terror" and's so dangerous that we send a huge chunk of our U.S. House members out there every other year. Do you think maybe they're lying about how dangerous this "War On Terror" is? Because why else would our government take a huge risk such as this? That is...unless WE are the terrorists and we know we're under total control and they are safe there.

Arizona lawmaker wants to triple federal money for Israel’s Iron Dome, bring missile defense production to U.S.

Foreign Minister of Israel: Admits Murder in Europe, Sex for Secrets

Former Reagan Treasury Appointee Paul Craig Roberts on – Bin laden Kill Hoax (Audio Cut):


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