Saturday, July 13, 2013

What NSA spying implies: We have APARTHEID in this country: we have a 1% TYRANNY RULING CLASS that have the government RIGGED for them.

U.S. Apartheid: the 1% control the 99% with NSA spy apparatus, false flag terrorism, rigged elections, and the mainstream media.

NSA spying implies a minority tyranny ruling class of politicians (Democrats & Republicans) ruled by a minority tyranny ruling class of corporate leaders, banksters, military industrial complex leaders, foreign minority tyranny ruling class, rigged elections, & no democracy in this country. Think about it: we have this NSA spying apparatus in place through BOTH PARTIES'ADMINISTRATIONS. Do you think these rulers would let something like DEMOCRACY get in the way, like we can VOTE someone in to get rid of it all? They wouldn't take that chance. That's why, no matter if Democrats or Republicans are running things, the surveillance state, police state, corporate welfare, bankster welfare, and military welfare marches forward. We HAVE NO CHOICE. Elections are rigged, courts are rigged, and law enforcement is rigged for these minority tyranny ruling class. YOU CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT. The mainstream media's job is to pretend there's a difference between Democrats & Republicans and they are "left and right". If you strip away the mainstream media's brainwashing, both parties are FOR surveillance, police state, banksters, corporate welfare, & endless wars. The mainstream media's job is to key on "differences" in gay marriage and abortion.

All of this also lends credence to the minority tyranny ruling class pretending there's "terrorists" everywhere and that's why they need to do this: to PROTECT YOU. So all of this implies THEY are doing false flags (911) and falsely blaming "terrorists" they made up.

Here's the bottom line: DO YOU THINK WE CAN VOTE ALL OF THIS OUT? No. Then elections HAVE TO BE RIGGED by these people, or at least we're left with a "choice" of a candidate from each party who will do the same thing if they "win".

No, folks, we're not going to VOTE OUT any of this, ever, the way the system stands right now. The FIRST STEP is to realize the media is brainwashing you into thinking there's a difference between Democrats & Republicans and you have a "choice". Once you strip away the media (which they control), it's easy to see what's going on. Their job is to push a fake "left/right" and distract you with other non-important things and ignore really important things.

The mainstream media is vital to all of this. The minority tyranny ruling class controls the mainstream media. The mainstream media has 4 jobs:

1. Pretend you have a "choice" between two vastly different parties, the Democrats & Republicans, and they are "left and right".

2. Pretend there's really "elections" and your vote really counts, and play up fake differences between candidates before "elections".

3. Pretend the "official story" by "officials" of things like "terrorism" is not them doing it, but patsy not guilty terrorists...despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

4. The media's FOURTH job is to call anyone who clearly and easily sees this, a "NUTTY CONSPIRACY THEORIST", and make a pariah out of them.

Here are examples of the mainstream media doing #4 above, it's a PLAYBOOK, you can see Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Anderson Cooper ALL DOING THE SAME PLAYBOOK attacking truthtelling whistleblowers. These clips DESTROY the fake left/right "news" paradigm, because we have Anderson Cooper from the FAKE LEFT ridiculing a truthteller, and Bill O'Reilly & Sean Hannity from the FAKE RIGHT ridiculing a truthteller...ALL ON BEHALF OF THE 1% RULING CLASS TYRANTS:

The Government Is Spying On ALL Americans’ Digital and Old-Fashioned Communications. Anyone Who Says the Government Only Spies On Potential Bad Guys Is Sadly Uninformed

The government is photographing the outside information on every piece of snail mail.

Shocker: Only 1% of So Called Terrorists Nabbed by the FBI Were Real. A larger number of arrestees, poor and powerless, were caught in FBI "Threat Factory" stings.

The NSA's "General Warrants": How the Founding Fathers Fought an 18th Century Version of the President's Illegal Domestic Spying

The NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional. Congress or the courts should put a stop to these unreasonable data seizures.

The NSA Is Doing What King George Did to Colonial Americans. NSA Spying Is the Kind of Thing Which Caused the Revolutionary War Against King George


Oliver Stone calls for a 2nd American Revolution:

NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis?

I think the only thing that makes everything make sense is: governments are the terrorists, and they do terrorism and blame it on fictitious terrorists or patsy's, and their goal is to have total surveillance on the 99% to keep it that way. That is the reason for total surveillance: for control and $$$. And the only way to do it, was to invent "terrorists" and say that's why they're doing it. THEY are the terrorists, and I mean that literally. Governments are terrorists, the REAL terrorists have taken over and run governments.


911 and all these other huge things were FALSE FLAGS by terrorists posing as "government".

FAKE TERRORISM by the 1% tyranny ruling class & their mainstream media:

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