Sunday, June 23, 2013

WILK's Steve Corbett Goes BONKERS Whenever Someone Says "Tony Antonello"

Remember in the movie YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN whenever someone said "FRAU BLUCHER" the horse went insane?

Well, all you have to do to set off WILK's Steve Corbett like the horse in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is say the words "TONY ANTONELLO".

Watch when caller Laureen Cummings says "Tony Antonello":

Anthony Antonello is a local activist who is a 24x7 activist. He's dedicated his life to it. The only other local activist I can think of who can approach what Tony is doing is Tim Grier from years ago. It's no surprise that Corbett also had a problem with Tim Grier. We who live in NEPA should all be appreciative we have such an activist like Anthony Antonello in our midst.

(Above: Tim Grier, Big Dan, and his wife livecasting from a bar in the Hanover section of Nanticoke a few years ago at a get-out-and-vote event.)

Now for some strange reason, our local talk radio station WILK doesn't like Tony. He has been banned from several shows, most notably the Steve Corbett show. The only reasons I can think of as to why he is banned is they don't like what he says. What does he say? He brings up real news the mainstream is avoiding, which proves a point his activism is trying to make: all mainstream "news" is controlled. The news characters in the mainstream wouldn't have a job if they weren't controlled. Tony has done nothing to deserve being banned from shows on WILK...except if their agenda is to control what's being talked about. Ironically, Steve Corbett likes to say things all the time like USE THIS PLATFORM, IT'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR FREE SPEECH, YOU CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING, etc...

Here's the video where Anthony Antonello broke the Old Forge story which Laureen Cummings mentioned which caused Steve Corbett to go NUTS:

I think we need a psychologist to figure out what Steve Corbett has against Anthony Antonello. I know he doesn't do anything wrong when he calls WILK. Part of it is probably Steve Corbett's ego. He can't stand a successful activist...although he constantly preaches that we need more activism. So he's a hypocrite on that front. Also, I think he has tried to control what Tony says and does and cannot do so and is frustrated by that.

Click here for Anthony Antonello's YouTube site and subscribe to it.

Click here for Anthony Antonello's Activist Website.

Here's WILK's Steve Corbett using the same tactics on a 911 Truth caller John Niems. The caller was "doing well"...up until Corbett figured out he was a 911 Truther:

Here's Anthony Antonello trying to give WILK's Steve Corbett some 911 information:

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