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MORE Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing.......

This goes with my last post Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing.

(Big Dan: YOU have to be a MORON to believe this "OFFICIAL STORY". There's no hope for you. Just watch some more TV and then go back to'll believe ANYTHING! What will the mainstream media, left mainstream media, and right mainstream media do, now that we know they lie for the government all the time no matter which corrupt party is in power?)

Was Boston Bomber Radicalized at U.S.-Sponsored Workshop?

Tamerlane Tsarnaeva recruited via the Georgian Foundation. One of the organizers of the terrorist attack in Boston, studied at the workshop held in conjunction with the Georgian special services Americans

A speaker of Russian, he traveled to Russia and back on ultra-sensitive missions – supposedly without any spy services noticing. Yet it turns out that he was followed for years by the FBI! Framed for a murderous crime on a crowded street, exonerated by crime scene photographs, declared innocent by loved ones and by all who knew him, caught by police after being framed for “murdering a police officer,” gunned down by agents of the National Security State after his arrest to prevent him from proclaiming his innocence in court…haven’t we heard this story before? Are we talking about Lee Harvey Oswald – or the Brothers Tsarnaev?

It sure looks like the older brother was taken alive (and then killed?) in the big explosive hurling shootout (of which not one pic or video exists):

TV footage showed a man being led naked to a police car. A second suspect is believed to be on the run.

naked guy arrest

naked guy arrest II

naked guy arrest III

CNN: naked guy arrest

(good pictures) Did the Military and Police Go Too Far in Locking Down Boston and Conducting Involuntary Door-to-Door Searches?

Boston Bombing: What You Aren't Being Told by THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, THE LEFT MAINSTREAM MEDIA, THE RIGHT MAINSTREAM MEDIA, left pundits, & right pundits:

Sibel Edmonds: FBI May Have Tried to RECRUIT Boston Bombers

Boston Bombers On Terrorist Watch Lists … Russia Contacted U.S. MULTIPLE TIMES Regarding Bombers

Boston Terror Narrative Starts Falling Apart. Chechen Brothers Did NOT Rob 7-11

The Bombing Suspect Didn’t Engage In a Shootout with Police, Or Shoot Himself … He Didn’t WASN’T EVEN ARMED When Hiding In the Boat

What Is False Flag Terror?


If you believe everything on the news without question, no evidence offered, you have a nice's called BLIND NATIONALISM. Greater than any of the other religions. You can question real religions...question Jesus, etc...and get less heat than questioning the news & the government.

The corporate mainstream media will NEVER, not just for this Boston Marathon story, publish any stories that differ from the official narrative. That's how an official story is developed and pushed. They will IGNORE any and all stories that call into question the official story. They will publish fact-free stories that go along with the official story. Such as: the suspect confessed. If you believe that, you have blind faith in officials, because you did not see the suspect confess. You are taking the word of officials. That's how an official story is built. You only see and hear stories in the corporate mainstream media that fall in line with the official story, all others ignored. You're watching it in real time on: THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, PBS, NYTIMES, WASHINGTON POST, etc...anything "mainstream". That's how it works.

Right now they're developing: THE OFFICIAL STORY (of the Boston Marathon Bombing). Every single mainstream "news" report is about ONLY embellishing THE OFFICIAL STORY, everything else will be IGNORED.

I even saw: LONE NUT GUNMEN as a headline. You know I've been saying forever, that every "official story" ends up being: LONE NUT GUNMAN. They couldn't use the tried-and-true "LONE NUT GUNMAN" so they made it plural "LONE NUT GUNMEN". Like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earle Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, etc...

Here's the way an "official story" is pushed: both left and right media, when something big like this Boston bombing happens, happen to both join forces and push the "official story". Your local newspapers daily syndicate the same page 1 story, which of course is the "official story". All major "news" push the same story and ignore all stories that don't fit the "official story". Then you get off-shoot stories that push the "official story", such as interviews with victims that only fit the "official story", "hero" stories that only fit the "official story", ceremonies that only fit the "official story", sports stories that only fit the "official story" such as the Red Sox "moment of silence", etc... Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper will have emotional "specials" about the bombing. That is how an "official story" is POUNDED into the American psyche.

There will be a page 1 syndicated story every single day in your local newspaper pushing the "official story" and ignoring all other stories that don't fit the "official story" narrative. If you question it, you're a "nutty conspiracy theorist" who "listens to Alex Jones". Suddenly, every mainstream left & right pundit & outlet will all be on the same side: Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, MSNBC, FOX, Huffington Post, Breitbart, etc...because it's an "official story" to a false flag. They wouldn't be big pundits or outlets if they didn't, they'd be fired.

Then those that question the "official story" are ridiculed by the "official storiers". Being on the "official story" side carries a lot of weight because the entire mainstream media apparatus is always on the "official story" side, allowing the ridicule to have power to it. The government and mainstream media are ALWAYS on the "official story" side. THEY ARE "OFFICIALS". YOU are NOT an "official". You're just some schmuck. Common comments that are rolled out are: "did you take your meds?", "what are you smoking?", "why would they do that?", "you think everything's a conspiracy theory", "tin foil hat", "nuts", "you're disrespecting the victims", etc... The same ridiculing comments that are brought out for questioning ANY "official story" such as 911, Sandy Hook, the Batman Shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, etc... Some newer cliches that I've noticed rolled out lately are: "Alex Jones" and "internet sleuths", accusing anyone of questioning an "official story" of blindly being an Alex Jones fan, even if they're not.. Btw, do you see ONE Alex Jones link in this post? The mainstream media will ridicule those who question the "official story". Outlets that appear "left" and "right" will SUDDENLY all be on page with the "official story".

I think an ENORMOUS amount of people are onto the bullshit "official story"s in the mainstream media. The mainstream media includes both left & right, too, btw. The mainstream media left & mainstream media right always are on the same page with "official story"s, ever notice this? They pretend fight left & right, but when it comes to something like the Boston Marathon "official story", Rush Limbaugh & Rachel Maddow & the whole left & right gang, FOX & MSNBC, WOW! They're suddenly all on the same page with ANY "OFFICIAL STORY"!

It's called the CONTROLLED LEFT MAINSTREAM MEDIA & THE CONTROLLED RIGHT MAINSTREAM MEDIA. MSNBC & FOX split on issues such as gay marriage, etc...but MSNBC then gets people on the left to believe an "official story" and FOX gets people on the right to believe an "official story".

They are ALWAYS ON THE SAME PAGE when it comes to government "official story"s, no matter WHO is in power (Democrat or Republican). Which leads to the conclusion that Democrats & Republicans are also fake left & fake right, in the same way MSNBC & FOX are fake left and fake right.

That's how it works. Or they wouldn't be on TV. And they get an ENORMOUS % of the population blindly believing an "official story" because they get both left and right viewers.

Here's how you know they're building an "official story": they say, "NEW DETAILS ARE EMERGING. The "new details" always ignore all other stories except the "official story" they're building.

CNN "journalist" confronted, this says it all about the mainstream media:

Here is a PLANTED PROPAGANDA STORY: "“Boeing landing gear” Found After 12 Years At Ground Zero Near Ground Zero Mosque (of course, near THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE!). If you believe that, you should either seek psychological help and you have blind faith bordering on religion in U.S. "news" and government OR just watch some more TV and forget about all this stuff.

Adam Kokesh does a great rant: Grow Up America -

Boston Terror Updates & Developments-April 24, 2013, Wednesday, 24. April 2013, CIA MO Not the FBI, Contradictions from Dagestan, Recent Shooting Incident in Dagestan, Georgia-NATO-Russia & More

Actors, Directors and Bloody Squibs: Was the Boston Bombing Pure Hollywood?

Is this possible (below)? To have your pants blown off by a bomb and not have a scratch below it, and have such a PROFESSIONAL picture taken of you:

How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny: Martial Law Conditioning

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