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Rightwing Liars Lying Again: Rush Limbaugh and James O'Keefe (UPDATE: was a DITTOHEAD incited by Rush Limbaugh's insane Bane/Bain/Batman rant the day before the Colorado/Batman shooting???)


UPDATE: This is ironic, but this post was about Rush Limbaugh and the Batman movie BEFORE the shooting (Thursday July 19), which I touched upon Rush Limbaugh's (usual) inflammatory hate speech. Anything about the shooting the next day is an update to the original post. See "plunger"s comment about this this shooter a Rush Limbaugh fan who heard his conspiracy rant (ironically posted below before the shooting) and thought the Batman movie would change the election results? WAS A DITTOHEAD INCITED BY RUSH LIMBAUGH??? One thing is for sure: the day before the shooting, RUSH LIMBAUGH turned the Batman movie into political theater with his insane rant! And all day yesterday (the day before the shooting), everywhere on the radio and TV, I heard, "BATMAN, BAIN, BANE, RUSH LIMBAUGH, ROMNEY BANE BAIN LIBERAL CONSPIRACY, BATMAN BATMAN, RUSH LIMBAUGH, etc..." Even on the NBC EVENING NEWS, I wrote on my blog, Brian Williams talked about Rush Limbaugh/Bane/Bain/Romney/liberal conspiracy! So, the very next day, we have the this shooting at a Batman movie! And THEN guess what? Rush Limbaugh has a GUEST HOST the day of the shooting! Surprise!!! You know why Rush Limbaugh had a guest host? Because SOMEONE had the decency to yank the JERK that would've been on the air the day of the shooting STILL preaching hatred, he would've been saying "THE LIBERALS DID IT!!!!!" or something like that. He would NEVER say, "Condolences to the families, I'll tone it down today". Whoever yanked Rush Limbaugh today made a very wise decision, it also happened to segue into 3 days off of hate speech because of the weekend. A WISER decision would be to PERMANENTLY yank him. Funny how all the major network news the day before the shooting covered how great and successful and how big the lines were for the Batman movie always mentioned Rush Limbaugh's rant along with the story. But the next day when they covered the Batman shooting, NONE OF THEM mentioned Rush's rant may have contributed to it or even mentioned his name. So, I guess as usual, I have to. FEMINAZIS, SLUTS, DRIVE-BY MEDIA, "THOSE PEOPLE", ETC...ETC...ETC...never a word about the BANKSTERS & WAR PROFITEERS really causing our problems.

SURPRISE! Rush Limbaugh and James O'Keefe are LYING again! Rush Limbaugh says the character "BANE" in the new Batman movie is a conspiracy against Romney by the Liberals in Hollywood, because of Romney's Bain Capital tax returns problem. You know, the company Romney said he "retroactively retired" from. What exactly does that mean, btw, "retroactively retired"? And our hoax video friend James O'Keefe, from ACORN and "dead voters voting" (among other hoax edited videos he's made) fame, is out with ANOTHER edited hoax video, this time about - SURPRISE! - UNIONS!!! What a shocker! I'm waiting on him to do one about Latinos, the elderly, children...but don't hold your breathe for him to do any "sting" videos on any rich, white guys! Because they are the ones financing him!

BANE...from 1993 Batman comics:

Rush Limbaugh: the new Batman movie's villain "BANE" is a conspiracy by Liberal Hollywood - ssssssshhhhhhh, don't tell him, but "Bane" was written in the Batman comics in 1993, and the new Batman movie was in production long before it was known that Romney would be the Republican presidential nominee! Keep that on the "QT".

1993 "Bane" villain written into Batman comics.

Wikipedia: "BANE" 1993

Here's GOOFBALL NUT LIAR Rush "TOKYO ROSE" Limbaugh, on the "Bane/Batman/Romney" conspiracy by Liberal Hollywood:

Rush Limbaugh's audience is now down to single/divorced white male LOSERS who hate women and have no children

How Can The Republican Party And Rightwing Media Be Staging A "War On Women" And Be Getting Away With It? During March 8 International Women's Day, No Less? (Rush Limbaugh & rightwing radio body count up to 141 advertisers)

This is just a random recent video of the Rush Limbaugh show. I just wanted to show you how nuts this guy is, and he is going to have a heart attack. Yes, "dittoheads" listen to this daily (IRONY ALERT II: THIS VIDEO ALSO TURNED OUT TO BE A DIFFERENT LIE, WHICH I WILL GET INTO FURTHER BELOW. I GUESS IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO POST SOMETHING BY HIM THAT'S NOT A LIE.):

And once again, by dumb luck, the random video I posted a day before the shooting (above) happens to be about another subject: the EDITED LIE pushed by FOX, Rush Limbaugh, and rightwing media. Obama said THIS: "SOMEBODY INVESTED IN ROADS AND BRIDGES. IF YOU'VE GOT A BUSINESS, YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT . SOMEBODY ELSE MADE THAT HAPPEN" - Obama  And just watch what FOX, Rush, and the whole rightwing media liars crew did with it, including Romney, they cut out the BLUE part of the quote, so it looks like Obama said "YOU DIDN'T BUILD YOUR BUSINESS", when he obviously said in the UNCUT/UNEDITED QUOTE, "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THOSE ROADS & BRIDGES". And FOX and Brent Bozell's Media Research Center (Media Research Center: think FOX "news" of media research) were OUTRAGED that network news didn't carry their LIE:

THAT, my friends, isn't just BULLSHIT. It's what George Carlin would call: STUNNING BULLSHIT!!!!!!! This is so obvious of a LIE, that Romney should lose just because of it. Because we were subject to this LIE 24x7 for several days. Roger Ailes (in the thumbnail picture in the video above), the president of FOX "news" who was also in the Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush administrations, must be thinking, "We started a fake news organization which is really a GOP operation and we called it 'news, fair and balanced'. Dittoheads and rightwingers are stupid, they'll believe anything we say. In fact, even when they KNOW we're lying, they'll back us anyway because they are zealots. That was the whole idea behind this. We'll edit and cut videos, outright lie, and then rightwing radio will push it anyway, guys like Limbaugh & Hannity. Then we'll complain if the regular networks don't cover our lies via a FAKE media watchdog, Media Research Center".

You don't have to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show. Here's every show: "YOU KNOW WHAT OBAMA DID TODAY?", "GUESS WHAT THE DRIVE-BY LIBERAL MEDIA DID TODAY!!!", "GUESS WHAT 'DINGY HARRY' REID DID?", "PELOSI!!!", "OBAMA!!!". There, that's every show. Now you don't have to listen to it anymore. You really have to be braindead to listen to that same thing over and over and over and over and over, daily. I KNOW! I KNOW! If you're a conservative dittohead, you're "OUTRAGED" that I'm saying these facts. Sarah Palin is OUTRAGED all the time. Michele Bachmann is OUTRAGED, Tom Corbett is OUTRAGED when he's questioned about being Pennsylvania DA during the Penn St/Paterno/Sandusky pedophile ring scandal. Rick Santorum is always OUTRAGED about something. New Gingrich...did I tell you he's OUTRAGED??? I KNOW! I KNOW! Only conservatives get OUTRAGED. Did you hear? NOAM CHOMSKY IS OUTRAGED!!! (I was just kidding about that last one)

UPDATE: Ironically, this post involves Rush Limbaugh and the BATMAN movie. There has been a shooting at a BATMAN movie in Colorado, in fact, near the shooting in Columbine.

Comment by PLUNGER about this shooting and Rush Limbaugh:

Recall that Rush told his brain-dead, gun-loving audience that this Movie was going to be viewed by millions who would be brainwashed to avoid voting for Romney (therefor leaving Obama in office) because Americans are too stupid to distinguish Bane from Bain. Was Rush giving instructions to his listeners to take it upon themselves to frighten would-be movie-goes from seeing the movie? When Rush tells his audience that a movie can change the election results, his listeners believe it's true. Rush is in fact the person who promoted this alleged connection of Bane to Bain in the popular media more than any human on earth.

I would wager that this gunman is a loyal Rush listener, and was compelled to take action by Rush's conspiracy theory rant. This is the danger - when Politics becomes Reality. When these brainwashers have the power to compel their listeners to ACT based on a totally contrived and FALSE REALITY, real world events can and do result. But Rush didn't actually tell his listeners to take guns into the Batman screening and shoot parents and children - did he? Or did he?

That Bain has become the bane of the Romney campaign, has nothing to do with Bane.

It's time to shine the spotlight on POLITICS ITSELF as the enemy of We The People. Politics is specifically designed to turn half of our citizens against the other half. The media is not only complicit, they are on the payroll of those who literally foment Civil War.

How much money goes into supporting this most destructive force we call "Politics?" Politics is not the solution to ANYTHING. It is in fact the cause of more arguments, murders, wars and destruction of human-compassion than any other single force. It does not need to exist. What would politics be if there were no money allowed to be spent on it - if it were simpy illegal to spend money to get elected? Who would the media serve if there were no money coming from the political machine?

So I think you can see that peace and prosperity would be the most likely outcome if there were no money in politics. Politics would not be "news." Only News would be "news." Now you can easily see who supports the status quo that leads to parents and children gunned-down in theaters. The Military Industrial Complex aspires to create fear, animosity and mayhem throughout society, because it enriches those who own their stock.

This gunman will be identified as a right wing zealot who has been brainwashed by Rush to hate Obama - and heard Rush's rant as a personal call to take action to prevent Obama from being reelected, by gunning down parents and children in a theater.


Or did the CIA activate a "sleeper assassin?"

GHW Bush has created this world - via brainwashing - where "THE THINKING IS DONE FOR YOU!"

H W Bush: "Our Man Ailes"

Roger Eugene Ailes is the president of Fox News Channel and chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group.

Controlled Mass Media - Sometimes to media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in war time, is very common.


And here's fellow rightwing media LIAR James "pimp" O'Keefe with his latest hoax video:

Let's see, rightwing jailbird hoax edited video artist and Andrew Breitbart protoge James O'Keefe, the rich white conservative kid financed by other rich white conservatives, has done hoax videos to make the following look bad: blacks (ACORN), women (planned parenthood), Democrats (Mary Landrieu), dead voters voting (South Carolina, to give fake ammunition to GOP voter suppression Voter ID laws, because "dead people are voting)...what's missing? Oh, yeah: UNIONS! He didn't do UNIONS yet! So, here's James O'Keefe's new FAKE HOAX video about UNIONS:

James O'Keefe Fails To Find A Scandal, Union And Public Works Edition

He just can't stop doing it! Nor being funded for doing it by rich, white conservatives! Now if you live in the fact-free parallel universe of rightwing media - FOX "news", Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Bill O'Reilly, our local WILK "news" radio - you believe this crap and repeat it as if it's fact! Here's some other hoax videos by James O'Keefe:

The ACORN/"pimp" hoax video: he NEVER WENT INTO AN ACORN OFFICE DRESSED LIKE THIS, ACORN was NEVER charged with anything, the cases were THROWN OUT OF COURT, the judge said the videos were "HIGHLY EDITED TO MEET AN AGENDA". James O'Keefe is a LIAR funded by other rich conservative LIARS who attack blacks, the poor, women...but never rich white guys like themselves!

Above: YEP! He NEVER dressed like this and went into an ACORN office. It was a LIE!!! The "prostitute" in the video EVEN ADMITS it was a LIE and never happened!

I can't put the O'Keefe/ACORN hoax any better than this video below, this explains it all, IT NEVER HAPPENED:

THEN...O'Keefe actually got put in JAIL for this one, against Mary Landrieu, a woman, naturally (blacks, women, etc...):


James O'Keefe's "Dead" NC Voter Isn't Dead

James O’Keefe (remember him? weird guy who’s always filming himself doing unethical and occasionally illegal things in order to somehow prove that liberals do unethical and illegal things?) has broken the law again, in his never-ending quest to prove that liberals have no respect for the rule of law. The conservative filmmaker and master of disguise attempted to commit voter fraud in the New Hampshire primaries.

FACT CHECK: ‘Non-Citizen’ Voter In James O’Keefe’s Voter Fraud Video Is Actually A Citizen

‘Dead’ Voter Talking: O’Keefe Voter Fraud Stunt Confused 23-Year-Old For Dead 84-Year-Old

James O'Keefe Voter Fraud Video Further Debunked: Another U.S. Citizen Falsely Accused

“If he were my son I would spank him.” That’s how the widow of a North Carolina man whose name was presented at a polling station by an activist working with James O’Keefe responded to a video the group released this week showing an individual using her deceased husband’s name.

OH, LOOK! I'm STILL not done yet! An edited hoax video to make Shirley Sherrod - SURPRISE! A BLACK WOMAN! - falsely look like she said something she didn't. THOSE DAMN FACTS:

Shirley Sherrod's suit against Andrew Breitbart likely to continue

Wait! I'm not finished yet! Here's James O'Keefe with hoax against Planned Parenthood, notice a PATTERN here yet???

Here's a link with directing you to about a dozen other links about the Planned Parenthood "sting" video, and it's connections to - SURPRISE! - one James O'Keefe:

Live Action, the anti-abortion group headed by Lila Rose, has released a new video purporting to show a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin, Texas "encouraging a woman to obtain a late-term abortion because she was purportedly carrying a girl and wanted to have a boy." In light of the new video, Media Matters reviews Rose and Live Action's previous videos smearing Planned Parenthood, Rose's conservative activism, and her history with discredited activist James O'Keefe.

O'Keefe hasn't done any HOAX videos on the following...yet...
  • The selfish elderly get too much help eating, getting in bed, walking, and going to the bathroom. They could do it themselves! They don't need our taxpayer money!
  • CHILDREN are greedy, they eat too much candy, and I don't think they're paying for it!!! And they're getting FREE TAXPAYER HEALTH CARE! And they don't pay for the food they're eating!
  • Latinos are TAKING OUR JOBS! That's it! And THEY'RE VOTING! The ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are voting, and they're ILLEGAL! And I think they're LATINOS!

Here's some "sting" videos NOT to expect from James O'Keefe: 
  • Rich white male banksters rig interest rates, steal TRILLIONS.
  • Rich white male war profiteers LIE us into wars, make TRILLIONS along with getting poor people to murder each other by the MILLIONS, all the while telling them they're "fighting for our freedom".
  • Rich white male congressmen making unconstitutional laws like NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, etc...
Rightwing media: it's ALL LIES, folks. The new Batman movie with "Bane" was not a conspiracy about Romney. A "pimp" never went into ACORN offices. There's no VOTE FRAUD. There's not people on food stamps buying lobsters, or "hanging around" grocery stores approaching customers to sell their food stamps card for $20. There's not Canadians coming here for health care (who's paying for it, if they do?) etc... etc... There's not illegal immigrants "hanging around" vote precincts voting, taking a chance on getting caught as being an illegal immigrant (THAT one is ridiculous). And these rightwing media LIARS control 99% of the talk radio show airwaves and LIE and LIE and LIE continuously to their BRAINDEAD DITTOHEAD listeners who believe these LIES.

What do you EXPECT people to say about "the right" as far as racism and women? When you see "sting" videos exclusively against minorities and women? What do you EXPECT people to say? And then when they SAY IT, you're OUTRAGED! You keep doing it, but you're OUTRAGED when people point it out! BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO HAPPEN???

Maybe if, WITHIN YOUR OWN CONSERVATIVE RANKS, you yourself start saying that these people are MAKING YOU LOOK BAD. Do you think that would be a good idea? Or do you think it's a good idea to actually go around quoting these LIARS?

Various rightwing media characters:

The "no-facts zone", the parallel "news" universe of Rightwing media: IT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!

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