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(note: as you read this post, it's about PROPAGANDA by our U.S. government & media to LIE us into a war with Syria. If you doubt this is propaganda, consider our treasonous congress is trying to pass another unconstitutional bill, an amendment to the unconstitutional NDAA, called HR 5736, which will MAKE PROPAGANDA BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE U.S. CITIZENS LEGAL!!! Have you seen any coverage of this in the U.S. mainstream media or are they talking about this on your local talk radio channel? Of course not! This is just one of many examples of criminals in our government, and they ARE criminals because they are breaking the law, LEGALIZING their criminal acts AFTER THE FACT, like when the Bush administration went about LEGALIZING TORTURE AFTER they knowingly and secretly put forth a policy of TORTURING people, which Obama continues btw. Our government no longer serves us, they serve themselves. And you can throw THIS IDIOT CLICHE right out the window, as if saying this cliche ever proved anything anyway: "WELL, GEE! IF THEY WERE DOING ANYTHING WRONG, HOW COME THEY'RE NOT IN JAIL???" Do you know WHY they're not in jail? Because they're making laws to LEGALIZE THEIR CRIMINALITY. AND because our courts are corrupt, too. If the RULE OF LAW is the backbone of a country, then we are a THIRD WORLD BANANA REPUBLIC!)


Syria "SHABIHA" is the propaganda word of the moment on "The Radio News Briefs", like "insurgents", "al qaeda", etc...etc... The jury is slowly coming back in with the verdict that this is ANOTHER false flag by the same cabal that is going from Arab country to Arab country one by one doing regime changes, the same cast of characters: CIA, Mossad, MI6, U.N., NATO, etc...with the false stories pushed by the 1%'s corporate mainstream media and "THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS".

Here we go again. Just like the KONY video, like the Iraqi Women With Downs Syndrome Suicide Bombers story, the Sadaam killing babies in incubator proven fakery, etc...etc... Now we have: SHABIHA!!! They are the shadowy group that is supposed to be connected to Syria's Assad. They supposedly massacred WOMEN & CHILDREN (of course). And of course, this wasn't happening until WE (and by WE, I mean Israel and the U.S.) had "interests" in changing the Assad regime in Syria.

Are we expected to believe that Assad, knowing he's under USrael scrutiny for ONE slip up, ordered the massacre of a bunch of women and children???

How convenient! Once again, a "pearl harbor-like event"...WHOOPS! I mean we need to RELUCTANTLY go into Syria now, because Assad is killing WOMEN & CHILDREN! Now we HAVE TO go in. How convenient! The KONY video petered out as a fraud, let's out this SAME OLD CALLING CARD we keep doing in other countries: when we want regime change in another country, SUDDENLY they have: women suicide bombers, HUMAN SHIELDS, they're killing WOMEN & CHILDREN, etc...etc... But they DIDN'T before WE wanted regime change! How convenient! Again! Is everyone catching on to this? And it comes complete with military talking heads all over the media saying how we RELUCTANTLY have to go in now because there's HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and we need to give them HUMANITARIAN AID! The Military Industrial Complex also needs justification for their TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS PER YEAR budget, and they need ENDLESS WAR! While we 99% get AUSTERITY!

There is a bi-partisan consensus of both the fake parties Democrats & Republicans as far as World Police military intervention around the globe, which always happens to benefit Israel. AND bi-partisan consensus by the controlled left and right media. "Witnesses said", "anonymous sources", etc...the whole works:

From the right:

SHABIHA FOX style: shadowy gunmen killing WOMEN & CHILDREN in Syria.

From the left:

SHABIHA HuffPo style: shadowy gunmen killing WOMEN & CHILDREN in Syria.

The official denial that "Eager Lion" was tied to the Syrian activity is evidence that it was.

US troops imitate invasion of Iran with Arab allies


1998: CONSERVATIVES in PNAC write letter to President Clinton urging an attack on Iraq (this is BEFORE 9/11 btw...then 9/11 CONVENIENTLY happened for them)

2012: CONSERVATIVES write letter to Obama urging him to attack Syria -

1998: CONSERVATIVES in PNAC write letter to President Clinton urging an attack on Iraq (this is BEFORE 9/11 btw...)

The 1% corporate media lie and distract rather than ever expose the 1%’s crimes centering in money and war, and never seriously report on topics such as a resource-based economy in benefit for 100% of us.

Could it be any more obvious that Lieberman is Israel's Agent, and McCain's minder?

John McCain On Syria: U.S. Inability To Help 'Embarrassing'


FAKED 15-YO KUWAITI GIRL TESTIMONY in the lead up to the first Persian Gulf War:

FAKE CNN Persian Gulf War I broadcast Charles Jayco:

UPDATE: this woman says exactly what I said in this post:

Queen of the FAKE Bin Laden videos Rita Katz/SITE is the "source" for a supposed Al Qaeda hostage usual



We need to spend another TRILLION to "RELUCTANTLY INTERVENE" with "HUMANITARIAN AID" because there are "HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS" because 100 people died in Syria, and cut things here with "AUSTERITY" to pay for it:

The United States and 11 other countries have formally expelled Syrian diplomats following a massacre of more than 100 people in the village of Houla.

I saved this following story from years ago, because in my opinion, this is the biggest bullshit story I ever saw, I think the military even retracted it, it was so far-fetched and ridiculous. I give you the GRANDDADDY OF ALL PENTAGON BULLSHIT STORIES, brace yourself, grab onto your flotation device, for (and I'm not making this up):


FAKE MEDIA OUTRAGE about Chris Hayes' comments about the military on Memorial Day:

Chris Hayes brings up the excellent subject: should we keep calling all our troops "heros"? Does this simply glorify and perpetuate endless war? Of course, then the stories start about (FAKE) "OUTRAGE" at his comments. But exactly WHO is outraged? It looks to me like the MEDIA is outraged, not the majority of citizens in the U.S. But the MEDIA can make it SEEM like there is an "outrage" consensus, because they are the media. I looked at comments by regular people under a lot of youtubes and articles on the internet about Chris Hayes, and I found about 99% backed Chris Hayes. But the FAKE OUTRAGE in only the media makes it SEEM otherwise:

The ONLY people who can take away our FREEDOMS are our LAWMAKERS. And they ARE taking away our freedoms with laws NDAA, The Patriot Act, HR347, etc... "THE TERRORISTS" can NOT take away our freedoms. So, if our troops are "fighting for our freedom", shouldn't they be fighting our own U.S. government?

Now if I was REALLY paranoid, I'd say this whole thing INCLUDING Chris Hayes' statement was a setup, so he would be an "example" of what happens to you if you saying anything negative about the troops. You must apologize! Like Chris Hayes! That would be a great way to try and build back some of the waning popularity of the endless wars: have a "lefty" on TV speak out against glorifying the troops, and have FAKE MEDIA OUTRAGE over his statements. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MACHINE! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO CHRIS HAYES! Now, that's only if I was PARANOID, I would think that. Right? Who would be stupid enough to say something "against the troops" on Memorial Day! No TV character would ever be that stupid! Now that's only if I were paranoid, I'd think that.

Memorial Day Reality Check...Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So


Federal judge blocks National Defense Authorization Act provision

Update on NDAA and drones flying over the US

NDAA Provision Struck Down As Unconstitutional, Sibel Edmonds Exposes High Treason In U.S. Government, NATO Chicago Police State, Bilderberg Elites Meet In Virginia, Occupy G8 In Camp David

To understand the REAL mission of the US military, and the real impact the US has on DESTROYING democracy and freedom around the world...listen to this confession of a US economic hit man...

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