Friday, September 9, 2011

The 10 year anniversary of THE BIG LIE brought to you by: the "news", and the U.S. & Israeli Governments - complete with FAKE "terror alerts"!!!!!!!

For the 10th anniversary of 9/11, keep in mind the videos in this post and contrast them with what you see on TV. You will see NOTHING that's here on TV. You will see THE SAME LIARS who LIED to you 10 years ago and all the years since on TV. They CONTROL the TV. You will see 10 year celebrations on TV with troops and 9/11 victims' families...BUT ONLY WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF PUSHING THE BIG 10 YEAR LIE! TV, newspapers, and radio will censor any coverage of those telling the truth about 9/11 or the blockbuster release of the 2-hour Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth film. The mainstream coverage will make it seem that if you question The Big 10 Year Lie, then you're disrespecting the troops and 9/11 victims' families because "everyone believes the official story". They will tug at your heartstrings to push The Big 10 Year Lie with big Hollywood-like productions. You will see DICK CHENEY on JAY LENO and football and baseball players waving flags, not REAL EXPERTS (architects, engineers, scientists, professors, firemen, etc...) who have scientifically destroyed the official story told to us by the SAME LIARS as 10 years ago and the SAME LIARS in charge of the ONLY coverage you will see on TV. For those speaking the truth out loud on the 10 year anniversary of The Big Lie, they will say, "This isn't the time for 9/11 truth", which is the same as saying, "This isn't the time for truth", which is the same as saying, "Please keep believing the LIE, or we will imply that you're against the troops and the 9/11 victims' families and hate America and love the terrorists". Do you see how the game is played by politicians and the media? Isn't there ALWAYS time for TRUTH? I say "YES"! The FACT that nothing I post here is on TV is proof that the media is in on the cover up because they're ignoring MILLIONS of people and ALL REAL EXPERTS - architects, engineers, scientists, professors, firemen, etc... Instead they want to watch DICK CHENEY on JAY LENO and football and baseball players waving flags. We're in trouble, folks, because our own government in conjunction with the Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and "blamed the Muslims" and there's all the proof in the world of it, but you won't see it on TV or hear it from politicians and that is exactly why we are in deep trouble. The Emperor has no clothes...but he is still the Emperor. Everyone I know who has researched 9/11 comes to the same conclusion I did: the official story is bullshit. Everyone I know who believes the official story hasn't really looked into it. What I am most ashamed of are the intelligent people I know who really have not looked into it but yet loudly proclaim the official story is true AND those who won't look into it because they're afraid they'll find out it's not true AND the ones who know it's not true and remain silent. I don't think there's a bigger LIE in history with every bit of evidence that exists disproving it. This leads to the conclusion that the government, law enforcement, courts, and mainstream media are corrupt especially at the highest levels and that they have conditioned Americans to accept their lies as truth instead of looking at evidence and listening to real experts.

The jig is up on these criminals with the release of this full 2 hour video released by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, it's time to listen to REAL EXPERTS, we don't believe the BULLSHIT of politicians & TV anymore:

Hot off the Press! AE911Truth Experts Speak Out FULL FILM (2 HRS):

Here's the shorter 15 minute version for those of you with a short attention span (like me!):

Here's the "official" 9/11 evidence-free BULLSHIT story told to us by who we all know are the most honest people: politicians & the media -

The NIGHTMARE of the last 10 years based on the LIES on TV:

This video exposes how the "news" LIARS are PRESSTITUTES for those in power doing things like this and how they function as their coverup artists:

And here's our cover up buddies, the media & government, with a FAKE "terror alert" right on schedule for the 9/11 10 year anniversary:

TOTALLY BOGUS TERROR SCARE - RIGHT ON SCHEDULE: Small Airplane Terror Threats: Feds Warn Of Threats Days Before Sept. 11th 10 Year Anniversary

Booga Booga: Fear Ramped Up With Yet Another 9/11 Anniversary Terror Warning

Here's the official "We killed Osama Bin Laden" story, I kid you not: The CIA/FBI/Mossad couldn't find him for 10 years, yet found everyone else they ever wanted to find, they found Osama 10 years later watching TV and he had porn, shot him in the head, and threw him in the sea..."according to Islamic law". We were told all of this AFTER he was thrown in the sea. They have video and pictures of this, but won't show us. Team 6 caught him, but later died in an unrelated helicopter crash. Bin Laden was with his wive(s) and 13 children at the time he was "killed", so they also must've been evading the CIA/FBI/Mossad for the past 10 years. There is NO EVIDENCE OF ANY OF THIS, just like the official 9/11 story.



Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11

9/11 commercial:

Why has no one been prosecuted for the 9/11 inside job? Because the courts and law enforcement and government at the highest levels are all rigged by both parties and all the "investigations" are rigged:

High-Level Officials Eager to Spill the Beans About What REALLY Happened on 9/11 … But No One In Washington or the Media Wants to Hear

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says questioning 9/11 is "anti-semetic". I have a rule, a very simple time-tested rule: ANYONE WHO SAYS "CONSPIRACY" or "ANTI-SEMETIC" is covering something up or lying or trying to stop the truth about something:

ADL: Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later

Veterans Today challenges Abe Foxman/ADL's statement that questioning 9/11 is "anti-semetic":
Veterans Today: "Mr. Foxman, your assertion that criticism of Israel is by definition a manifestation of anti-Semitism, is Zionist propaganda nonsense for a blackmail purpose, the purpose being to silence criticism and prevent informed and honest debate about Israel’s policies and actions."

9/11: Open Letter Challenge to ADL’s Abe Foxman

The ADL says that questioning 9/11 is "anti-semetic" because they're covering up Israel's involvement in 9/11:

Carl Cameron's 4-part investigative series reveals the truth:

Veterans Today: The ADL used false information attributed to MLK, to influence UN Human Rights hearings, just prior to 9/11.

I don't believe the official story of 9/11 because I know the official story of 9/11!

Why You Can NOT Believe the "9/11 Conspiracy Theory De-bunkers!"

The original list of alleged hijackers was one of the first "tells" that this was a bullshit story:

Start from the fact that NONE of their names were found on any actual flight manifest of passengers who flew that day. There were no Arab Hijackers - and in fact - there were no hijackers at all. So where did the list of names originate if not from a flight manifest? Logic would dictate the impossibility of the story from this point forward. If you're not on the plane- it's pretty tough to hijack it - and you can't be on a plane without your name appearing on the flight manifest. PERIOD.

Just use your logical mind and think of how difficult it would be to track down photos of EVERY individual listed as a hijacker in time to put out the entire completed list with those pictures - depicted as they were. You'd have to contact family members and get them to provide you with photos, right? Unless of course you had the photos in advance. Would you really hold back the release of such a list until you had EVERY photo, or would you release the list of names as soon as you had it - and begin adding photos to the list as they became available to you?

There is NO WAY - they would have withheld the complete list of alleged hijackers names until such time as they had tracked down every perfectly framed and in-focus head shot of every alleged hijacker. It's simply illogical...evidence of the lie.

- plunger

9/11 FLIGHT 93 LIE REVEALED BY CITIZEN WITH VIDEO CAMERA - "had a terrorist bomb on board that blew up - that's what I heard on the scanner":


Now if the site of the alleged crash appeared to have been "excavated" when you saw it, this might explain that

Official Claim: "If this had to happen what better place could there have been to put that plane down?" What are the official crash details? Are they even believable?!

PBS Coals Plays Role in Flight 93 Memorial

Suspicious Debris


911; A Time for Truth

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Trailer;, 9/11/11 Anniversary DVD:

LIVE coverage of the 9/11 Toronto Hearings

(no media coverage of this, naturally, because the mainstream media is in on the 9/11 cover up)

If controllers were working with military liaisons - just like the "land bridge" between the White House, Pentagon, and FAA - then the claim of the DoD that they were informed too late is a lie:

CBS: Audio files reveal 9/11 air traffic horror

Henry Kissinger Resigns From 9/11 Commission Because Of Taliban And Bin Laden Ties:

The ENTIRE government is in on the coverup over administrations of BOTH parties, so it makes sense that presidents from BOTH parties WARN YOU NOT TO QUESTION 9/11 because it will lead right to THEM:

Think about it: why would ANY government official, let alone PRESIDENTS FROM BOTH PARTIES, WARN YOU not to dig too deep into 9/11? BECAUSE YOU'LL FIND OUT THEY'RE COVERING IT UP, YOU IDIOTS!!! If they have nothing to hide, they'd say NOTHING or say, "Go ahead, we have nothing to hide, dig in!", right? They're ALMOST saying, "Don't dig into 9/11, or we'll kill you and blame the Muslims like we did on 9/11"!!!!!!!!!!

3-minute video: US policy causes poverty, terrorism, war

Traffic: Freedom Rider

Now WHO can argue with THIS - Gabby Johnson: "I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter."

The Bee Gees: 9/11 was an inside job -

9/11 music video by Martin Noakes:

Big Bank consolidation:

In less than twenty years 37 independent banks consolidated into the too big to fail - four humongous/big banks. This is not free market capitalism this is monopoly/predatory capitalism where government regulation and controls are tossed out the window so bankers can become the fascist pigs they've always wanted, desired, and rabidly lust to be.

Exactly the same monopolistic consolidations apply to,..

The media companies
The cable companies
The phone and cell phone companies
The pharmaceutical companies
The insurance companies
etc, etc, etc.

Big companies detest and deplore competition, they gobble their competition up, monopolize the markets, then induce bought politicos to deregulate government safeguards to the advantage of big industry. Profits and rents soar - the consumer of these services get shafted.

The blind encouragement of predatory and monopolistic markets is why America and the so called free world are gasping for their last breath.

If a full blown civil war erupts on Wall Street and they are out to slash each others throats - stand back and encourage them - if they cause one another damage or harm or wipe each other out that maybe the salvation of woman and man kind.

Would they please do us the favor ! - Z

All consolidations lead to David Rockefeller, the Crown and the Rothschilds.

Goldman = Rockefeller

NY Fed = Rockefeller

Exxon = Rockefeller

etc. - plunger

Clearly, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kochs, Bush Cartel, etc., has called for an end to the EPA - it's complete defunding and elimination - which Obama is in the process of implementing:

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