Saturday, August 6, 2011

FINANCIAL TERRORISM: The Planned Destruction of the U.S. Economy (and the world economy) by the Elites using their Ugly Actors (government) and covered up by their Press-titutes


Right before the U.S. lost its AAA Credit Rating, Geithner said: No Risk U.S. Will Lose AAA Credit Rating - EVER

All of these GREAT RESPECTED INTELLIGENT people below (not ABOVE) are all telling us one thing: the government is rigged to transfer 99% of America's wealth to the 1% wealthiest, the financial crisis is rigged/man-made on purpose to achieve this, the government does false flags to achieve this, the wars are rigged (we don't have to be in these wars), the courts are rigged, elections are rigged, they're going after our social security, and, as Gerald Celente says, the government is Hollywood for ugly actors and the press are the "presstitutes" covering them and lying to us about EVERYTHING. Notice one more thing about all these people that makes sense: they are blacklisted from - get ready - the same PRESS-TITUTES!!! They won't cover them! Only the "experts" who LIE for the elites & the ugly actors are allowed on TV. And brace yourself for this one: guess who OWNS TV & the PRESS-TITUTES? THE ELITES!!! Why would you think that a small group of people who have virtually all the money and wealth in the world couldn't achieve this? Do you think they're "sittin' around" with their fingers crossed, hoping politicians who will stop this aren't "voted" in to stop this in a "democracy"? They OWN the ugly actors (the government) as well as the PRESS-TITUTES! And the ELITES have no "country loyalty" - IE loyalty to the United States - they are globalists. That's why they outsourced all our jobs to other countries to pay slave wages @ 69cents and hour.

We Americans have always thought we were different.

We thought we could launch unnecessary, imperial wars worldwide ...

While we slashed taxes for the wealthy and big corporations

While we threw trillions at our big banks

We thought that somehow we could get away with spending like a drunken sailor, while not doing anything to stabilize our economy (which in turn deepened our debt even further).

We were wrong: America Loses AAA Credit Rating

The ratings agencies (S&P, etc...) will be used as "cover" for more austerity, these same ratings agencies had no problems with the ratings while the banksters were being bailed out:

This is the first credit downgrade in the history of the United States.

Who do you believe: the experts in these following videos...or the media & politicians? They are saying the OPPOSITE things. Who do you believe? It's easy: DON'T BELIEVE MEDIA/POLITICIANS!!!

Gerald Celente: government are ugly actors with the presstitutes following them lying about EVERYTHING, the internet will connect the youth of the U.S. and the world to see the LIES and they will finally rise up together against these criminals, the "Super Congress":

The Super Congress: Taxation Without Representation

The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

'Global market crisis manmade'

Bob Chapman & Dr Paul Craig Roberts on: the Super Congress, debt ceiling, Bin Laden

Mainstream Media: Presstitutes for the Rich and Powerful

Rep Cantor: we're coming after your social security:

Joe LIEberman-I (Israel): we're coming after your social security:

George Carlin: they're coming for your social security -

How JP Morgan Took Over All Kentucky's Financial Services, And Why You Should Be Scared

Max Keiser: Republicans engaging in FINANCIAL TERRORISM:

Glenn Greenwald: Obama WANTS TO screw the middleclass/poor, the Republicans aren't "making him", he's going along with it willingly.

Republicans/Obama/Democrats all on the same page when it comes to screwing the non-richest 1%:

After seeing all these GREAT INTELLIGENT TRUTHTELLERS, why would you ever believe the official 9/11 story with zero evidence TOLD BY THESE SAME PEOPLE: THE UGLY ACTORS (GOVERNMENT) AND THEIR PRESS-TITUTES??? And btw guess who OWNS the PRESS-TITUTES? THE ELITES WHO ALSO OWN THE UGLY ACTORS!!!

The PRESS-TITUTES covering up the UGLY ACTORS (government):

THIS FOLLOWING VIDEO IS BLOCKED FROM FACEBOOK, I COULDN'T POST IT, go ahead, try and post it if you're on facebook:

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

The Average Life Expectancy For A Fiat Currency Is 27 Years ... Every 30 To 40 Years The Reigning Monetary System Fails And Has To Be Retooled

John Perkins: confessions of an economic hitman -

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