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Dr. Judy Wood's 9/11 work: an analysis by plunger

Dr. Judy Wood's 9/11 work: an analysis by plunger - she's a shill who's sent out there to purposely divide the 9/11 truth movement...

If you insist on posting her Hurricane Erin theories, I will continue to use these opportunities to destroy her credibility.

See these images on the right - and how they photoshopped an alleged hurricane coming anywhere near the northeast coast of the United States? See that massive ridge moving across the country pushing all weather to the east well out to sea?

There was NO POSSIBILITY that a hurricane near Bermuda was ever going to make its way west to Manhattan against the overwhelming west-to-east force of that ridge sweeping across the country.

She is a shill. This is a distraction designed to lure people toward a theory of space based energy weapons being responsible for turning the direction of a hurricane and the subsequent pulverizing of the towers - a theory which conveniently could never be proven in the way that actual particles of nano-thermite can lead to the criminals.

Just say no to posting her stuff.
She is a disinformation expert.

Here is the actual NASA image of 9/11 depicting Erin west of Bermuda and moving west,

not due to directed energy space weapons, but due to the natural atmospherics as evidence by the massive system that swept across the US the day prior,

leaving a pristine high-pressure morning in Manhattan on 9/11.

Yes, the hurricane changed direction due to a massive and natural weather circumstance...and she knows it.

They do that.

Correction, meant to say that the NASA image depicts Erin East of Bermuda and moving east on 9/11 - over 800 miles from Manhattan

"Dustification" is likely a word she made up and NOBODY knew what this ultra-high-tech form of nano-thermite was capable of when applied to the Twin Towers - BUT NOW WE DO.

Whether or not anyone believes thermite can cause pulverization IS A RED HERRING. The discovery of thermite in the dust IS THE EVIDENCE OF AN INSIDE JOB with prior planning. the actual video of the actual buildings being pulverized, combined with thermite chips throughout the dust IS THE EVIDENCE of what nano-thermite can do.

Does it really matter what other techniques besides nano-thermite were used to bring down the towers? really? Isn't the case for an inside job already proven with the observable facts and ACTUAL EVIDENCE?

This is CIA limited hangout. A textbook example.


The hurricane is a spinning top, the opposite of a directional force. Blow on a spinning top and you will move it. Hurricanes by their very nature are not directional forces - they are SUBJECT TO directional forces. Weather fronts are absolutely directional forces and are ALWAYS capable of steering hurricanes. SHE'S A SHILL.

You can discredit her yourself, with your own knowledge of how weather works. The system that is pictured moving across the country on 9/10 is as big as the entire damn continent. You've seen thousands of these in your lifetime. They ONLY move from west to east. They push everything in their path to the east. Case closed, end of discussion. She a lying weasel - under contract to the CIA. Period.

Don't need a weatherman (or a Ph.D.) to know which way the wind blows

Clearly Jesse Ventura was sold by her alleged expertise and theories. He is utterly discredited when he insists that WTC7 was not the result of controlled demolition. The CIA has eliminated the threat represented by Ventura - by using Dr. Judy Wood to split the truth movement by hijacking this would-be leader's mind. She has stepped into a void where people are looking for answers, and claiming to provide all of them.

Causing a split among the 9/11 Truth movement and discrediting the findings of AE911truth is the goal of whom?

This is evidence of what?

Who has the budget, means and ability to split the 9/11 Truth movement? What is their motive?

These are the observable results. US YOUR MIND.

Those with the motivation to split the movement are the perpetrators. Anyone who is the catalyst for causing the split is the tool. Her purpose isn't to be correct. Her purpose is to convince half of the movement that she is. On whose behalf? THE GUILTY.

If Jessee Ventura is still speaking of Bin Laden in the same breath with 9/11, as if Bin Laden were involved, he is serving the goals of those who actually did the deed - in league with Judy Wood - splitting the movement.

That's your CIA @ work - in concert with the Air Force cyberwarfare division, and under the helpful strategies of Karl Rove. This is one massive psyop

Wouldn't it be great to find evidence that hurricanes typically do exactly what Hurricane Erin did, to shut Dr. Judy Wood up and discredit all of her other BS theories in the process? Hurricanes change course - it's a feature, not a bug:


Google Link

The ENERGY that turned Hurricane Erin is known commonly as HIGH PRESSURE


Google Link

Quoting from the science:


"The evolution and movement of a surface high-pressure system located near the eastern coast significantly influenced Erin's track. Erin moved northwesterly in this 4-day period and then changed its direction to the east and northeast at 0600 on September 11th."

If you destroy her credibility solely on the Erin bullshit, that's all you need. You have what you need to demonstrate she is a shill. She is the one who used the hurricane to attempt to boost her credibility - tie-in the prospect of HAARP being used on 9/11, and in so doing, split the community.

You have all you need to take her down. Don't let anyone discuss anything other than Hurricane Erin and her totally preposterous story about it. Contact NOAA and the scientists involved in that study if need be. Get AE911truth on the case. They will prove with actual models that high pressure turned Hurricane Erin, not Judy Wood or space based energy weapons. Make her look like the shill that she is.

Disprove her Hurricane Erin theories, and dispense with her. Get Jesse Ventura straightened out too. Let him see the science re: the hurricane, then ask him why we should believe her other theories.

September 11, 2001-This morning I awoke about 6 am. The rays from the rising sun penetrated the
curtain opening next to my bed, hitting me right in the eyes. Parting the curtain, I looked up at the clear blue sky and thought what a glorious day this day would be. Soon, I would be on my way to Los Angeles for the annual scientific meeting of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine where I was to become its president.

I do not love flying, especially on the small commuter planes that link Charlottesville, Virginia, with Dulles International Airport. I had been checking the Weather Channel Web site for several days to see what the
conditions would be for the short, 20-minute flight to Washington and for the cross-country flight to Los Angeles. It was perfect-a high-pressure system dominated nearly the entire country from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System

A Numerical Study of Hurricane Erin (2001). Part I: Model Verification and Storm Evolution.

Wu, Liguang; Braun, Scott A.; Halverson, J.; Heymsfield, G.

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, vol. 63, Issue 1, pp.65-86

The fifth-generation Pennsylvania State University National Center for Atmospheric Research (PSU NCAR) Mesoscale Model (MM5) is used to simulate Hurricane Erin (2001) at high resolution (4-km spacing) from its early development as a tropical depression on 7 September 2001, through a period of rapid intensification into a strong hurricane (8 9 September), and finally into a stage during which it maintains its intensity on 10 September. These three stages of formation, intensification, and maintenance in the simulation are in good agreement with the observed evolution of Erin. The simulation shows that during the formation and early portions of the intensification stages, intensification is favored because the environmental wind shear is weak and the system moves over a warm tongue of water. As Erin intensifies, the wind shear gradually increases with the approach of an upper-level trough and strengthening of a low-level high pressure system. By 10 September, the wind shear peaks and begins to decrease, the storm moves over slightly cooler waters, and the intensification ends. Important structural changes occur at this time as the outer precipitation shifts from the northeastern and eastern sides to the western side of the eye. A secondary wind maximum and an outer eyewall begin to develop as precipitation begins to surround the entire eye.The simulation is used to investigate the role of vertical wind shear in the changes of the precipitation structure that took place between 9 and 10 September by examining the effects of changes in storm-relative flow and changes in the shear-induced tilt. Qualitative agreement is found between the divergence pattern and advection of vorticity by the relative flow with convergence (divergence) generally associated with asymmetric inflow (outflow) in the eyewall region. The shift in the outer precipitation is consistent with a shift in the low-level relative inflow from the northeastern to the northwestern side of the storm. The changes in the relative flow are associated with changes in the environmental winds as the hurricane moves relative to the upper trough and the low-level high pressure system. Examination of the shear-induced tilt of the vortex shows that the change in the tilt direction is greater than that of the shear direction as the tilt shifts from a northerly orientation to northwesterly. Consistent with theory for adiabatic vortices, the maximum low-level convergence and upper-level divergence (and the maximum upward motion) occurs in the direction of tilt. Consequently, both mechanisms may play roles in the changes in the precipitation pattern.

Challenge Judy Wood to a debate with these individuals re: Hurricane Erins path:

A Numerical Study of Hurricane Erin (2001). Part I: Model Verification and Storm Evolution
Liguang WuGoddard Earth Science and Technology Center, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MarylandScott A. BraunMesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MarylandJ. HalversonJoint Center for Earth Systems Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MarylandG. Heymsfield

NASA Makes A Heated 3-D Look Into Hurricane Erin's Eye

Hurricane Erin was analyzed during the fourth Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX-4), which took place from August 16 through September 24, 2001. The mission originated from the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Fla. The mission united researchers from 10 universities, five NASA centers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. CAMEX-4 is a series of field research investigations to study tropical cyclones — storms commonly known as hurricanes.

Twenty instrumented packages, called dropsondes, were dropped into Erin's eye by two NASA research aircraft (the ER-2 and DC-8). The special packages included instruments that mapped temperature patterns.

For the first time, researchers were able to reconstruct the structure of the eye in three dimensions from as high as 70,000 feet, down to the ocean surface, in great detail. The dropsondes showed Erin's warm core decreasing while it was rapidly weakening, making the storm more vulnerable to wind shear, a change in horizontal winds, which led to the storm falling apart.

Hurricane Erin's steering flow is plotted with precision starting at page 6 here:

Google Link

Judy Wood chose the wrong hurricane to lie about. This one's been studied to death.

ALL of the Judy Woods disinfo is designed specifically to take Israel out of the 9/11 discussion. Since it is Israel that is blackmailing the Shadow Government and CIA to take the fall - or deflect all attention away from Israel's role in 9/11, the Judy Wood disinfo is best explained by Israeli blackmail at such a level, that our CIA is forced to present a case for a US Inside Job, that can never be proven.

It's a giant smoke screen at the insistence of Israel. The alleged killing of Bin Laden is all part of it - as evidenced by the ever-changing story that no one can quite pin down, and the use of SITE to disseminate the fake videos.

Note how her work trends toward UFOs and other inexplicable phenomenon?

Why is Judy Wood poisoning her own well? Part-3 By Zahir Ebrahim

Every moment spent doing anything other than arresting and prosecuting the five dancing Israelis captured red handed on 9/11 is a distraction away from those who clearly planted the explosives, and filmed their handy work. They are on video tape confessing their own demo work. Where's that tape?

Dr. Judy Wood and John Hutchison frauds

While Wood and AE911truth agree that the official story of an “inevitable” collapse by gravity alone is impossible because it conflicts with laws of physics, we completely differ on the mechanism of the destruction.

For Activists, Architects, 9/11 Questions Linger Ten Years Later

Note: this was originally part of THIS post: CARTOON "NEWS" still pimping "The Big 10-Year Lie": 24x7 Mass Hypnosis by the "news": cartoon "news", an insult to our intelligence., but I made a separate post out of it, due to the need to specifically address Dr Judy Wood's 9/11 work.

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